The ten joke: get out, you when this is the vegetable market ah?

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The ten joke: get out, you when this is the vegetable market ah?

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Guide language:Today the husband does not at home, I for he received a courier, to open and see, but is too strong, I even tear bite open, found that just a computer parts, and give him put hall, the husband came home and saw the express grumbled to himself: is there anyone at home and express how you can is dog tear!

[ten jokes]

1, into vocational training to twelve can serve dinner, didn't eat breakfast long belly hungry snore, wit me quickly lying on the table and began to sleep, comfort in her sleep and you're not hungry, the NIMA asleep snoring...

2, the son of injustice to me: "Dad, I have 19, you can no matter what I? Give me freedom?" "Be content! Son, I am forty, your grandfather has not given me free."

3, the colleague marries, open late, everyone hungry can not stand, attendant in each on a dish is our moment to destroy, continuous eight dishes is so, scene very embarrassed waiter looked our eyes like a ghost.

4, return to old home, see that just several years old hen was in the yard leisurely leisurely feeding, I smiled with my mother said: "Mom, the chicken fed for so many years, feed the feelings!" Mom: "if it has been already killing the eggs, eat it!" Is preparing to listen to the daughter-in-law next to the second, the face of a moment of dark and gloomy.

5, junior high school, in the half of the a class, a two Goods students suddenly ran out. Teacher: sit back, the two goods simply ignored, ten minutes later, the two cargo back directly to the classroom, teacher shouting at him, roll out, when it is a vegetable market you ah? Wanted to come, want to go on the go. The two goods actually came to a sentence you have food to sell it?

6, waiting for the car when he met a beggar, is ready to give him the change, he suddenly saw a sign that read: maybe one day you will be like me. So I put the money back to my pocket, in case he said to him......

7, the pair discussed daughter-in-law confinement, a said his wife has a day clamoring to eat grapes, to buy back and she ate a heart ~ B said you this is pretty good, my wife she said that day the lunch to eat on the train and I are ignorant.

In 8, the fruit market in a circle, with good harvest, carton packaging, crowded bus to go home, people, no seat. In the car a big sister, always look at my box, I also didn't how to care, and not what precious things. Never thought ah, she had a butt to sit up, my heart was a surprise, finished!! Sure enough, the elder sister gave a voice, jumped up, with a cluster of durian thorn carton!!!

9, an aunt near a stall, and inexpensive. One uncle frequented, but always complain, said Rice porridge too dilute, said noodles too hard...... Today, some people could not stand, the uncle said: "aunt to earn money is not easy...... Besides, you do not like to eat every day to come ah?" Aunt hurriedly dozen circle field: "never mind, never mind." Then all of a sudden Niunie, red face said: "he is my former deskmate."

10, some people think that a good man, his wallet must have his wife or girlfriend photos! I don't think so. I don't think a good man should have his own wallet.

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