Funny: there are bright spots, we found no?

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Funny: there are bright spots, we found no?

2017-03-19 06:39:08 120 ℃

There are bright spots, we found no? ]

Colleagues to the train station to pick up the ticket, dozens of minutes after the call to complain about the way to the wallet was stolen, and so on back to the company his face is green, back on the way the phone was stolen.

I don't know what you're laughing at

An uncle stole Apple was arrested, to close for a month, uncle angrily to the police, said: "I stole 10 pounds of apples, as far as possible?" The policeman gave him a white eye and said quietly, "once there was a monkey who had been stolen for 500 years for stealing a peach."

You say I want to tell the opposite sister, she dropped something

With a friend at a restaurant, she went to a nearby but could not find a place, he told her: "go straight ahead, see the first light right on the line." As a result, 1 hours later, the girl has not yet arrived. I called to ask her, she said: "I have been What one says is plausible. two intersections, are green, did not see the red light!"

Sister, I need your comfort

Recently to learn to drive, 5 year old girl has been around with my study, the results of theoretical test two times before. On the road this morning to see a police car while driving a cell phone to call the police, the girl immediately shouted to him!!!"

Boy, hair, clothing is very good oh

[this IQ, or honest red light bar]

You shouldn't have a girlfriend

Fool, you can't kill me

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