Ha ha ha! Look at these pieces! I think you guys are natural!

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Ha ha ha! Look at these pieces! I think you guys are natural!

2017-03-19 06:42:50 152 ℃

School, parents deliberately took a day off to the train station to send me. Phase two lines of tears, a left I can't live like, I also took the suitcase to overcome by feeling of sorrow, I do not know what to say, half a sentence out of "parents would go home to be careful." my dad said "no, I'll tell your mother to a spa"

Remember just to participate in the work of that year, just to catch up with the company's ten anniversary, have dinner buffet at night, every employee can bring their own families, the night came to the restaurant, find that other people are husband and wife, or with the object, I took my grandma to eat a big meal, now also can not forget the crowd a surprised face!!!

Today on the bus, a young woman holding a little teenage boy, four or five years old, the young woman of teenage boy said, baby, mother a bit sore throat? When we get off, let's go to the drugstore to buy some medicine...... Small teenage boy: you back less at night call not to ache, make me sleep well...... This is supposed to be natural...

All right. I admit that underwear thief is very magical. But can you steal my sister? What do you do with my old man's underwear? Only a few days this month, six. Still let people live you......

Back when I was in high school, there was a god of mathematics teacher, his cell phone rang in class, do not look at a glance directly into pieces. Also said to us embarrassed, from now on we did not dare to play the mathematics class! What is domineering, this is called side leakage.

Two dogs at home, a cat, usually eat when we will be around for food. But the cat is too small to grab... Once in the sun, which saw a dog sleeping, the cat went to the side toward the head lifted its paw is a few, and then went to the next whoosh tree. The rest of the dog under the tree in the face Meng force at.

I have to soak the foot, burned hot water sterilization thinking told my mother helped me to put a little vinegar bowl, add some salt! When I used to end the Basin discovered inside also put a lot of green onion, how I was not the mother to go to knock an egg

Flat chested, wearing underwear just to hold face (fake chest), then there is a bus, too many people, my face did not, because Nene was squeezed into the concave, not bounce back.