GIF: daughter-in-law, want me? You're a little tender

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GIF: daughter-in-law, want me? You're a little tender

2017-04-21 18:45:18 123 ℃

Happy moment

1 don't you say you are on a business trip?" Yeah! Wife, you say coincidence, I hit a car, not even two kilometers car broke down, then I will help the master repair, and I was out of a sweat, but also sprained his waist, then there is a bath, then I will go together for a shower, and then a massage to help me by! And I'm gonna get you out of here! You say coincidence!"

Today the 2 wife off at home, I came home to find her not only not cooking work, half lying on the couch playing mobile phone, eating snacks, gas I was not to wind nose, quipped: "yo ~ you like this with the queen!" She can also become a "Li father-in-law, do not give only a meal to go!" I...

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1, the consequences of playing the guitar is very serious

2, the little brother's smile, I give out

3, the face value, determined not to Huang's sister-in-law!?

4, this is someone else's dog, someone else's driver

5, daughter-in-law, want me? You're a little tender

6, today again in vain

7, star brother, what is the taste?

8, buddy, you can be a little stupid?

9, do not see the consequences of crossing the road

10, or foreign prank interesting

11, good cabbage all let the dog arch

12, the feet too awesome.

13, it is too damaged, mom, my mouth

14, what ghost?! How do people throw skateboards?

15, in fact, there are two cats

16, for the master, you can answer it?

17, see this picture, do you feel the same!

18. Do you see any animals besides the scenery? How many are there altogether?

19, really can not afford to raise such a daughter-in-law

20, okay! You go for life

21, you guess is not a driver?

22, sister, you see my mouth to smoke

23, to see you fall down, brother assured

24, eat snacks new posture

25, beauty, I am a satyr

26, remember a memorable birthday

27, can not get off...

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