Funny GIF: seek the girl's mental shadow area

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Funny GIF: seek the girl's mental shadow area

2017-05-20 01:42:49 60 ℃

1. pay for a crime!

2., aunt, this little sister's car can also hurt you?

3. bear child, if I were your father, let you walk out of the house

4. fortunately, the glass is not bad, otherwise this month's wages will be gone.

5. fortunately, someone recorded it, otherwise the child will suffer

6., running around the streets is too dangerous, parents should educate more children

7., second mobile phone crashed, I do not know the screen is broken, ha ha ha!

8. who's to blame?

9., to the mouth of the meat, do not eat white do not eat

10. in fact, green nails are pretty good

11. ah, there is a woman.

12. seek the girl's mental shadow area

13., openly in the supermarket gang crime, this is how to do it?

14., the front of the SUV, so go?

15.A or B? What do you choose?

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