He used to be king, but later he was left with only a pair of underpants from p! The P drawings laughed!

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He used to be king, but later he was left with only a pair of underpants from p! The P drawings laughed!

2017-05-20 01:44:03 48 ℃

In 1, he was the king, this position has been popular in the network

Great God replied: but later, with this version

2, the great God, P instruments

Great God replies: this posture just is good

3, ask God to give me p bald, want to see, good or not

Great God replied: believe me, very nice, very reflective

4, ask God to play behind the sauce of the year p

God replied: it is impossible to go, and I can't find my life girlfriend, can only rely on the spotlight to maintain the single life

5, the great God to the strong chicken P two legs

Great God replies:

A cock's chicken in a cock's cock

Chicken in a cock's stockings

Finally, this is the cock in the cock

6, the great God, the middle I also p a work clothes put on

Great God replied: uniform work bar, it seems more harmonious

7, ask God put me into this picture on half p

Great God replies:

8, please God, let me fire a, I spell it, no fire, no!

Great God replied: "fire is very much, more burning more prosperous."

9, ask God to restore a picture of the picture, I want to see in the end no wife derailed

Great God replied: "brother, would you please tell me the number of the first 34?"

Thank you brother's help in trouble, help me get the other I don't scratch cards, out of the winning P thank you, to award the kind of day you drink coffee

Divine scripts:Husband and wife go home at night, roadside suddenly jumped out of three knives masked big man: "kidnapping."! You can walk home and wait for news." The husband pushes his wife away: "wife, go!"!" The wife went away, three masked men off the mask: "fuck you now find playing mahjong so hard?" Five minutes later, the husband called his wife: "hit five thousand dollars on the card, don't call the police, they said," close me overnight, tomorrow morning release. "Ten minutes later, my husband took five thousand of the fight from the card to dawn.". The next day, the husband came home, his wife rushed up and tearfully said: "the key time to see the husband's good for me, my husband, I'll listen to you."..."

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