This horror film is more interesting than "turning off the light"!

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This horror film is more interesting than "turning off the light"!

2017-05-20 01:44:12 57 ℃

Small partners remember last year's hot circle of friends, "after turning off the lights"? Known as "one of the best horror movies ever seen" by netizens, the film is so beautiful that the main characters are online with an overall IQ, which is a climax from beginning to end.

After turning off the light, it was adapted from the short film "after turning off the light", just three minutes, giving a thrilling thrill.

Of course, today is not to recommend this horror fan have seen the movie, but a better than "after the lights off" more suitable for shooting comedy horror comedy short film"Why am I afraid of the dark".

Horror films have a group of dead people "practice, knowing that in ghosts, in favor of haunted house", "why am I afraid of the dark" is no exception.

The story begins with two boys coming to an old house where ghosts are legendary. Both of them don't believe there is ghosts in the world. They cut open the chain locks inside their houses and are ready for adventure".

They split up, hat men into a small dark room, before he could react, it was a group of invisible kid caught by misfortune.

Wit man came Wensheng, no companion in sight, ear from time to time from the sound of terror. Wit was attacked by two little devils, and then he had a brainwave, and with the optical principle, he fought with ghosts.

Finally rescued little partner escape from the haunted house.

But the story doesn't seem to end there......

The film set is very interesting, we usually see ghost, ghosts are intangible, but in the film Ghost invisible, it can see the shadow in the light.

It's similar to "turning off the light". In the dark, ghosts appear to devour you. But in bright light, they may disappear.