Funny GIF: is it a calm or a good life?

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Funny GIF: is it a calm or a good life?

2017-05-20 01:45:29 127 ℃

The ultimate definition of chowhound is to eat, you can drop a......

Is it a calm or a good life?

Float on water, play with high!

The driver said, "Elmar, who hit me, Elmar? Why am I so dizzy?"......

I pass a camera only what?

You're a long car Do you have me?

This is the most boring play......

Help! Run!!!! Run!

God car dead powder, a moment to say, look, only the beetle did not turn over......

The most boring machine in history......

Oh, today this wall so hard, I'll have to go in, who can not stop me in......

I thought I would have rushed out with such a handsome figure...... WTF......

1, a colleague single, weekend wash a pile of clothes, send friends circle said exhausted, really want to find a daughter-in-law, several married male colleagues reply: wash less, not fun?

God said: "it's on my mind too."

Are you willing to marry such a marriage?

"No," said slowly. "I'll be free to listen to you."

Ginger is still hot, young man, you have to study further.

The correct use of a broken coat

2, save money to buy a new cell phone, accidentally PIA a sound dropped on the ground. I pretended to be calm and didn't pick it up right away. I just wanted people to feel like I was quite rich from my indifference. Unexpectedly, strong close bite mouth, at this time ooze a line of blood.

Fortunately, there are two down, beautiful, vacated, overturned.

Wear clothes and so many tricks

My master gave me a balloon, let me play by myself.

3, husband and wife two people quarrel, husband anger way: "don't think you are pretty, I dare not hit you."!" I thought the wife would be very happy to hear, and I didn't expect my wife to say, "don't think you have a point, I'll let you go."!"

God comment: don't think love can hit me

Elmar, what about the elevator?

Is that how excavators work? Don't deceive me into reading less

I feel awkward across the screen and forgive me for not being so kind as to laugh!

4, "you say, who is this man's underwear?"" The face of her husband's question, Ms. Wang Xiamen calm, she took a seed, in no hurry to shell gently in the tissue, said: "who knows, some time ago that a typhoon."

God is the name on subsequent Panxing

This sister paper is hot enough

Oh, sleepy dog!

Master, you've gone a little too far!

Today, the 5 bus, a thief stole my wallet by my tweezers, instantly caught the thief crying brother asked me, why are you so alert ah, I said I am aware your sister, I have missed my pocket, not wearing long johns, cool to you I do not say, I caught you her legs ~

Master, where are you, come to me, I will kill you

Manual massage chair

This shoe is really smart, so hurry up and grab it

6, "Mom, do you know why my eyes are so big?"" "Inherited me."!" "No, you're putting my hair too tight."!"

God comments: This is a picture of the effect of the script

Is not good to shake off it? How do you let go?

This uncle is so fierce.

I wanted to surprise my girlfriend

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