Big brother computer should be upgraded, playing is useless

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Big brother computer should be upgraded, playing is useless

2017-05-20 10:18:36 134 ℃

It took me a whole morning to see

What happened to my sister? No more cars

Boy, what's going on?

This is mine. Bring it over

Do you know if there's anyone behind you?

The girl is so beautiful that she can't even see the waves. How can she wave more than I do?

Kill me, arrived

Dude, what are you thinking about in the rain?

Big brother computer should be upgraded, playing is useless

Let you push me, let you push me

Girl, what are you looking for?

Dude, cycling is so much fun

Naughty kid

Yesterday evening in a spoof spirit of Halloween, want to make you play. Stuck a mask, with lipstick in the corner of the eye position drew two bloodstain appearance, and then transferred to the mobile phone screen detection to Green saw little nephew lying on the living room table playing with blocks, bends down and quietly walked up behind him...... The tragedy happened. The little nephew grabbed half a bag of bricks and turned round and fell on my face...... It shouldn't be like this. Let me cry again......

Naughty kid

My brother came back from home today with a couple of hamburgers! "Why do you want to buy hamburgers?" said sister-in-law My brother took the mobile phone, open a WeChat voice technician, to transfer the voice inside the small voice little niece: husband, come back to my daughter to buy two hamburgers, must buy two less, we can eat the girl...... Chowhound vulnerable!!

Content scripts

Watch TV before the male sex are to women to bed with a fall today, Xiao Ming want to try his girlfriend fell onto the bed, the bed collapsed to fall.. Still crushed to death an old king ~!

Content scripts

This time a monk: "benefactor of the edge of it!"!" "Sorry, I don't think so."." Alms never mind is very simple." "But I have no experience with it."." "Life always has its first time."!" "Well, all right."!" I saw him bitter counsel is not too good to refuse, then pulled out from the bag paper strokes round to him: "the picture is not good, please forgive me." "If you were not a monk, you would have been rude to me."."

Hilarious jokes

A primary school student called his mother and said, "Mom, is it better to have a cold?"". Then his mother said, "much better."". He thought he was very loving, and suddenly he said, "well, our teacher told you to go to school."".

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