That piece: scalded with boiling water, you out, I promise not to kill you!

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That piece: scalded with boiling water, you out, I promise not to kill you!

2016-07-21 01:03:52 221 ℃

My sister is always very attractive.

At noon to see an old woman in the hot summer of the road to sell sun hat. I don't see anyone to buy it. I want to visit her business. As a result, I went over and asked, "how do you sell this hat!" Old grandma: "the girl is too small, you face so big to wear."." I finally know why no one came to buy it.....

Foreign sister does not seem to understand Chinese

The toilet in the house was blocked by toilet paper, and the shit all came out. Listen to the Internet that put loach can dredge, resolutely bought more than and 10 lost in. It's no use. They don't go to the bottom. Then I ran to ask the Almighty net friend, the net friend said must use the boiling water to be hot. OK! I burned a pot of boiling water, poured directly into the water. The results did not expect to be a hot boiling water and loach bounce, I have a splash...... The said with boiling hot, you come out, I promise not to kill you!!!

Next time to fly.

Childhood fishbone card throat, sore afflictive, eat three steamed bread, two bowls of porridge and four cups of water also didn't ran down, not the I support dead. To the doctor, give me a piece of the throat, eat it.

Grass root [happiness]

Smoke a day to walk on the road, the wind is very big, how far to see a guy in the roadside to take a cigarette lighter, the wind is very big you know. Waiting for me to go to his side, the cigarette is almost finished, and the cigarette end to him, the guy moved not to! Don't smoke estimate don't understand... You don't have to be someone else's needs!

I also want to get married.

Oh, my child!

The whole body is a weapon