This summer I received many evildoer, be they!

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This summer I received many evildoer, be they!

2016-07-21 01:05:28 235 ℃

Wipe, overestimate themselves!

Eat bananas to eat so enjoyable!

Beauty chest is such a great exercise

Usually to practice more ah! You still don't have a good skill!

Wo Wo Wo

Single dog, I fell asleep like this.

This summer I received many evildoer, be they

Content scripts:

1 graduated from college that will go to a beauty salon to do stovepipe, disposable towels, take them to shower shower cap. Inside a few beauty always staring at I whispered, ha ha, I quite the chest, think: good figure is prominent, is a woman is no exception. In fact, I have just in than you big quite a bit. Suddenly their manager came to me and said, "why do you wear a pair of underwear on your head?". Fuck! Please help me find a place to sew!

2 there are five small Lolita a day, wife let me sleep in her room outside the big bad wolf scare. Just stood at the door of the room today, suddenly the door opened, and she ran out and hugged my leg and said, "take me away."! Why do I say? She said, so I don't have to go to school tomorrow!

3 husband: wife today we get married have what want to say. Wife: I am so glad that I chose you with my life. Husband: Hey, today's big day is not to mention the unhappy thing!

4 on a boyfriend is a pig brain, six months did not happen. I called to make a phone call to say the past to see him, but not back late, with him, he actually said, only a bed, not sleep, sleep! Sister decisive break up.

5 are busy over halloween. In fact, tell you: the makeup, every day is halloween!

6 "life is beautiful, you shouldn't be depressed," says the same thing as saying "how do you have a hard time breathing around your asthma patients."".

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