Funny connotation: sister-in-law, don't, call human life!

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Funny connotation: sister-in-law, don't, call human life!

2017-08-12 22:58:53 380 ℃

Sure enough sleep to a certain extent, too terrible

Guess, where is this guy

Automatic turning device of newspaper

It's embarrassing....

Who did you two!

The history of the longest GIF, after I lose!

The year 1. learn to drive, the coach has been scolding, a fire, a year not to. Second years of driving, call me to come to you, for a qualified coach. Sure enough, the coach has been really good, I praise, that the cars into the pond, he smiled and said: it was a fish, did not kill you......

2. today, go to the street, run into a beauty, looked at me over his face said: "wow."! You are so handsome ah!" I shouted: "who can you eat?" The beauty of the sentence: "yes! I support you!" (omega. Into into.)

3. dating a man and a woman, woman asked all the circumstances of the man, asked that a married man with, also said the bank card and pay have to give her. She finally finished, the man turn to ask a question, the man said: "I only have a problem, I can go?" Then he got up and left, leaving a woman in the wind messy.

4. see an eye doctor to take my son, my high school classmates, WeChat agreed to let her to chat about his son's correct bad habits. After examination, she said very seriously: kids, your vision is now a problem, develop the formation of high myopia. You should pay attention to now, mobile phone is certainly not to see, but also eat more vegetables, eat snacks. There...... She looked down at WeChat, said: continue to sleep in his room......

5. sister-in-law shopping back, carrying a dozen large and small package, little niece over a long time, these things are not the same as her determination, and sighed deeply, and holding my brother's arm tears whirling said "Dad, I love you, you said you had my watch the prodigal lady, do not feel bad your money is not easy.. For me, would not have her.." "Papa,," sister-in-law, don't call, the call to human life!!