Where's the evil wind? Let the beauty kneeling directly

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Where's the evil wind? Let the beauty kneeling directly

2017-08-13 00:50:13 100 ℃

[1] beauty was a dance show, which was a vicious hit, kneeling directly:

[2] technology is not home, don't mess up:

[3] "I am ready to drive, but why more and more far from the basket":

[4] the guy you are not the most miserable, this is:

If some of the audience to see applause...

[5] proved that fire can be extinguished is:

[6] the endless sea of tribulations, repent and be saved, repent and be saved!

[7] I do not know which country bear a child, really dare to play:

[8] good sisters is to go hand in hand, do anything together...... Hey you didn't fall down?

- hate you for ten thousand years!

[9] sister, tie a needle, scenes too full?

[10]: come to play football! Run!

- called "green field" more accurate.

Excuse the playground.

[11] "there's no way out! I am SUV, do not take the unusual way...... Hey I go!"

[12] "is not the pure, empty...... Yeah, this is on!"

[happy moment] high school love a female classmate, once after school I kissed her, I thought it was a slap in the face. Did not think she didn't hit me, a ponytail shake ran. I think there is a play! On the way home from time to time to giggle, I fantasized about both admitted to the University, graduated together, work together, enough money to get married and have children, just like a boy and girl like her...... Positive thinking should give the child what to name it, I saw her brother, then I was dragged into the alley to beat.

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