Funny connotation: brother, you did not expect such a windfall today.

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Funny connotation: brother, you did not expect such a windfall today.

2017-08-13 00:50:14 93 ℃

This is definitely a good dog.

Mom, come and save me

Is really hot, no way

The children head how to go

Brother, you did not expect such a windfall today.

Boy, dizzy

Who can you see Hu

This is the name of the school is too domineering

The girl is a little small, clothes

How to control this, certainly not in the same plane.

1A, the farmer: "Hey, you squat in the fields of doing?" Farmer B: "hush, a thief stole my corn in!" Farmer A: "why did you hide it?" Farmer B: "I'm breaking his end, go home." # hilarious scripts #<1Two3>


Yesterday, a famed master fortune, touch for a long time, face more and more serious, I carefully asked: "what to calculate?" The master replied: "rare! I make a living away from home for decades, the first time to meet you so." I'm more worried: "what ah! Master please, tell me." He shook his head: "there is no touch head ah, is full of meat!" # hilarious scripts #<12Three>3

Today, in the hotel to eat noodles, came in a couple, the man sitting next to me, the woman sitting opposite. Eating, the woman asked the man: husband, let's go to the zoo to play is good. The man playing mobile phone, only enliaoyisheng, women seem angry, stamped on him. But I never thought, she is on the person, that hurts, I tightly bite the noodles, don't pretend to eat noodles. The woman was angry, so more stomping also turn a few laps, I hold a bowl with chopsticks. Finally the woman angry, snorted shuaimen away men's performance is very confused, then scolded the sentence. When the man left, I looked at my shoes and feet, although the foot pain, but the heart happy, can remove a pair is a pair! # hilarious and #


A patient came to see doctor dental hospital, said: "TMD, the doctor, why my teeth will worms?" Doctor: "Sir, because your mouth is not clean!" # hilarious scripts #


A student, parents will be requested for fighting, the parents of the teacher shouted: when Lao Tzu out of the mix every fight, now is not good. # hilarious scripts #

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