Well, points! Then, out of a gun broke up.

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Well, points! Then, out of a gun broke up.

2017-08-13 00:51:25 45 ℃

Parents who know this number what mean?

Tell me what you see first what is the word?

As long as the brain problems, where were jerks.

You can detect the purity of the photos, do not think, really not headed dog.

The director, you make me, fuck this ride too fool the circus.

No other woman rushed sit down. I do this gesture, I would like to eat watermelon?

A lot of beautiful long legs, what is this place!

"Fun house" piece of time, you are happy, old time, we do not come loose!

1 friends, especially small, travel back in advance, that has happened at home, wife for a long time to open the door, the expression is not natural. Without further ado, take a chain to lock the cabinet, sitting on the bed for two days to play mobile phone, let the wife how so do not go out, during the two days after the takeout, open the cabinet, all beat up, the other did not even fight back strength.

2, my friend's wife was pregnant again, but he said he has neutered, I always thought that his wife derailed, until I saw him secretly took me in the drawer wipe your mouth today, I only see light suddenly!

3, in the supermarket to buy things, heard a girl chuckling voice: good, points! Then, out of a gun broke up. I think what kind of girl is so shameless, then look back, see is muzzled, pear face at the mobile phone.

4, a middle-aged man to go to the hospital, the prescription is a beautiful young female doctor. Q: what name? Answer: my name is not good. Q: name of shit? Answer: shit and surname are neighbors. Q: name of urine? Answer: and the name of urine to live in a hutong. The female doctor flushed, decisively handed a pen to him: write your own!

5, the small white rabbit stall selling vegetables to buy vegetables, it said: "your food looks bad ah, and bug it." The small white rabbit explained: "insect eyes on, this dish is pollution-free!" Listen to the sound side of the centipede after scold: "when I'm fucking hurt you?!

6, work or love to sleep, mom said to wake me up to eat breakfast, do not ignore, and wife urging me to get up and turn over, still sleeping, wife finally took his daughter in his arms over, suddenly, a little slap slap, loud and hit me in the face, instantly get up and wash, breakfast. Go out...