The connotation of scripts: wrestling with Dad, you grow up, love who who!

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The connotation of scripts: wrestling with Dad, you grow up, love who who!

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The brothers hold on! I'm going out to save you!

You must not be too happy, class

Bossy president falls in love with me...

1. units of a new beauty director, a famous brand, heavy makeup, feeling a proud look, what I see is not pleasing to the eye, is already feeling the next day will certainly not better. At noon, she pointed to her lunch box and asked, "I have plenty of meat today. Do you want to eat it?"" I thought she was a good person, and it was so easy to get along with me......

2. an old man came home and met a woman thief. The old man said, "would you like me to take you to the police station?"." The thief said, "no, you took me to the police station. I'll be held up for several years.". "Well, as long as you don't call the police, I promise you what you want, including my body," the old man thought and agreed. After a while, I heard the old man calling, "no, I'll send you to the police station."."

3. late at night, bored to open the nearby people, there will be a man powder, I would like to return to powder. The second man asked: "beauty, about?" I wiped it out: No, go away. That guy's excited: "no, just fine. We're close. Come and rub Mah Jong, three missing one.".

4. my mother is so pretty that she always thinks I'm ugly. One day I said, I finally could not help refute: "who let you don't understand the whole regeneration out!" she said: "how many times have you been told, you are my pick up!" I said: "that you do not pick a good pick?" "who threw good ah!" Mom, you win!

5. last night, my old friend asked him to play cards. When his husband left, he said, "go to sleep and call" Ha "." Later, before I went to bed, I called for more than half an hour, but he still did not come back, I continued to call for nearly an hour, I shouted hoarse voice, and he still did not come back, I sleep on my own.!

6. sister said to her brother-in-law: "you hide the money of the private house, it's not challenging at all. You'll find it. It's boring. I'll take the money and buy the food.". The brother-in-law flew to the place where he had hidden the money and flipped it. He smiled and said, "you see, it's still there."! Sister roared: "you really dare to hide private money?"! Tired of living!

7. in the morning to Xiao Ming Li micro letter: dude, we two games to stay up all night, who bear who is the grandson. Xiao Li began to feel very funny, and by three in the morning, Xiao Li could not endure, and Xiao Ming said: "are you OK, I can't stand it any longer.". Xiao Ming replied to him, "the grandson can't help but go to sleep. I'm traveling abroad now. Look at the big sun."! Xiao li:......

8. I: Dad, why is everyone else's daughter, is a school dance, piano, painting what... Why should I follow you all get to learn wrestling, boys, when I grow up, some people will marry me?" The father said calmly: "silly boy, what dance, piano, how expensive!"! He told dad learn wrestling, you grow up, love who who..."

9. a girl alone at home is boring, call me with one of her classmates to her house to play cards, I don't know her classmates, then playing the cards he suddenly said to me two Hassan, then went to the Internet cafe, that day she sent a talk about "boring when you can looking for a boy to accompany you, do not look for two, otherwise you will be injured!"