It's a shame that I didn't have it. I was caught, and it didn't matter

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It's a shame that I didn't have it. I was caught, and it didn't matter

2017-10-24 06:42:51 572 ℃

Secretly tell you girl, if you have a boyfriend love playing online games, if he doesn't call you to ask you out, but one day, he suddenly to call you out to play, do not think too much, certainly is the maintenance of the server!

I know there is a girl for a long time, forthright generous, strong and brave. But sometimes see her vulnerable side also could not help but pity; see she occasionally coquetry will thump. Later, gradually found that she liked such a she, then summon courage to vindicate her. She is still very large. A bold slap on my shoulder and cried, "ah! Ha ha ha, the God wants you!

Two husband and wife quarrel, the husband threw twenty thousand cash downstairs, after the two people regret, downstairs to pick up when they picked up 100 pieces! And then you call the police! Oh God, I want to see this, actually also picked up 100, really not easy!

I love the rain, an umbrella walking in the rain, with an umbrella covering the head, so comfortable, as if the whole world only you a person. Until I was hit by a motorcycle man...

The man said to his wife: "dear, I will watch the world cup for more than one month."." Wife: "don't look, stay up late suffer."." Man: "as long as the Chinese team scored, I'll buy you a LV, buy one, buy one."." Wife: "love you too much, husband, I will!" "more than a week, how did the Chinese team not play?""

Now the children are becoming more and more mature, at noon today, the children from school, a little boy wandering away at my door, I went up and asked the boy friend how not to go home for dinner, the kids to the sentence: don't worry, I'm waiting for my girlfriend.........

The sofa that the daughter-in-law buys, the son is naughty, put in the home to wipe gun, the sofa has been ironed a hole. I called my son over and gave me a big scolding. Son to buy me, gave me a few wiping guns, I did not resist temptation, just one, who knows he took my cell phone, sent to his mother...

During the military training, the instructor said, "clean people come out.". Five people came out. The instructor said, "the five of you, sweep the playground, and the others take a bath.". The second day, the instructor said: "clean people can come out.". One man comes out. The instructor said, "you and I take a shower, others sweep the playground.".

Family gatherings, see cousin hand splint name, and asked her how she was. She looked at her husband and said: "domestic violence, domestic violence, domestic violence." Yo ho! A few of us could not sit down, and asked him to come over and ask him, "say, which one is playing?"! He's got a temper!" The brother-in-law, with a face of injustice, covered his face and said, "face."......"

Have a new teacher, is very beautiful, the first time I met and fell in love with her, on the evening of the day I came alone to the teacher dormitory door, want to express but do not know what way, I picked up the half brick on the ground, saying "you love thrown in ten thousand years", and runs away. On the morning of the second day, the headmaster wore a bandage around his head, announcing the dismissal of Li Wannian, the security guard.

The friend asked the son of Grade Three: "what's the number of the class?"" "Third"." The son replied. "Good grades."!" Said the friend admiringly. His son then boomy said: "the two beat!"

I think, if we choose red broadcast network implementation of the assassination mission, the most suitable should be two people for the two or three line of the city in the fast broadcast. Aunt eat glass, site for brick, fake monk split pebbles, xiujupu made helicopter, amateur thieves gold u-located, tattoo head brother show nightlife, a stunt, brain hole to break through the sky...