Looking at fifteen pictures that are not enough

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Looking at fifteen pictures that are not enough

2017-10-26 11:52:48 488 ℃

1, the life of the four medicine involved: dead horse, turn up fish, mud, wood carving.

Today, 2 travel back, did not notice the wife in advance, to raid rounds, when I get home, I suddenly opened the door, saw a shadow from the window on a string, I ran over to see the sight, angry wife scolded: "the nose pointing to the good you do not keep the women woman, good with my back also, let people jumping away, see you is." After listening to the wife, taste to come over and say: "fuck you from the eleven floor window to jump to try, idiot." I am confused, fucking do wrong also play Lao Tzu, that night I sleep on the floor.

3, chatting and cousin playing on the bed, I lie on the bed, both hands and legs open, said: "what kind of word like this?" Cousin: big, I: go, take you to eat delicious. Cousin: No, it's like the word "Tai". So I fell down!

4, the history of the most mischief sentence: this for me is not endure. The three words in the history of # mischief: reasonable #

6, I asked my brother-in-law is how do you know my sister, brother-in-law said to him in the street to her love at first sight, my sister was being with a long time no see students chatting, the old classmates with sister to mobile phone number, while eavesdropping on down the brother-in-law hide..

7, I heard my buddy had a little accident, I went to the hospital to see him, and he was lying in bed with a worried face. I asked him how he was alone Sister in law? He said, "I'm hanging out now. Your sister-in-law runs away with me."." I said, how? The other side is not compensate for you hundreds of thousands of it? He looked at me and said sadly, "brother, you don't understand. I'm not talking about money......"

8, over the years, there has been a problem bothering me, journey to the west of the sand monk in the burden of what is the pick? If it was clothing, the 4 teachers never changed their clothes. If it is food, but not every time they go to food, fruit picking is the big brother. In the end what is it?

9, the husband called: "my wife, I have arrived in Shenzhen, did you eat dinner?" Do not eat spicy greasy ah, a little bit miss me?" Wife: "it's not raining, you have two pants hanging on the balcony, two pieces of flowers in a black, electric 3 corn rice cooker, 2 cooked for a living, there is where to look?" Husband: "Oh, at home."

10, a colleague of 90 years always buy milk to drink, I laughed at his childish day, said it was 90 ah, still drink this. Then the little brother replied, "because my two sons love to drink, and the children always drink too much, I always drink the rest, and I love to drink."... This is absolutely a counterattack against the post-80s generation!