Search the "wintering artifact" and you will open the door to the new world

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Search the "wintering artifact" and you will open the door to the new world

2017-12-07 00:28:23 105 ℃

the weather is getting cold, the friend has already begun in heating the house eating popsicles, southern friends also opened a jitter heating mode.

although the north and south side people always hold on to some problems, their views on heating are consistent.

southerner: I envy you the heating.

northerner: Yes, I envy myself, too.


and there's a possibility that you may be before the young is not afraid of the cold, now old, eat cold soil hair.

but southern friends, you not in the heating area, but you are not to see if there is any postal packet, can save the elderly friends what a treasure on everything.

, the warm hands warm feet warm belly warm up treasure you can sit in the cold ice can ignite the hearts of the fire.

not only breathable and warm, but also can recharge and heat, suitable for all ages.

is the only bad thing, you can't play with a mobile phone.

so you may also need a wintering winterer that can brush your phone.

I know that here is the mobile phone when the ticket single Wang, so a couple of warm clothes you don't need this dubious.

you need is the "fallen basket warm clothes"

the toilet without pants, is not very

also can buy a piece of equipment to strengthen, strengthen the stomach warm effect:

in addition to wear in the body of the equipment, and some necessary external equipment for winter.

Yi, is this fruit?

No, warm hand treasure!


No, or warm hand treasure.

hand warm, and you can't forget your feet.

do you think this is a slipper?

No, it is a warmer, and it's a "cooker". Do you think this is induction cooker?

No, it is a warmer, and it's a "warming up" device. It is called the "hello".

No, he still footwarmer

you this is the wood floor?

No, it is still warming feet, and it is not "warming up".

No, warmer.

do you think this is a warmer?

No, it is a small table.

with warm foot function.

our feet in the end how cold!

of course, in addition to the thick cover, the heating function of the artifact is especially popular with those "cold limbs".

heating hat