The 10 shot picture that the game is more fun than female friends

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The 10 shot picture that the game is more fun than female friends

2016-07-22 03:53:44 221 ℃

1 we look can not bear to play the game but most men feel bored

2 this pair of slippers is good, where to buy?

3 at the end of a just pops, just to play the game, I don't believe there are so incompetent man in the world!

4 fast gunman world people do not understand, perfect is a problem

5. About his girlfriend was still in bed waiting for me, I can not help but hit yourself a slap in the face, do his teammates are waiting for me playing mission, how can I indulge in flights of fancy.

6 "this wave is very"!

7 train sewage"!

I choose to hang 8!

9 who has this man, I send him a complete set of equipment. Give me my sister.

10 the consequences of playing the game all day, is a small JJ blood deficiency.

Games with a girlfriend in the end which is more fun? Netizens launched a fierce quarrel.


When the game want to play on what time to play, want to play how long to play how long, do not want to play at any time do not play. My sister is not going to work.No:But have you ever played "civilization 5"? "One more turn!...... Just one round! Or play one round! I wipe, the sky is bright!"


Said that the girl is more fun than the game, nine Chengdu is a place.No:Said that the game is more fun than girls, 90% girls are ugly. That is really quite reasonable, above so many sister, not a face......

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