The connotation of scripts: today our bathroom can not be used, mother go to the next song Po bath!

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The connotation of scripts: today our bathroom can not be used, mother go to the next song Po bath!

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this gold watch too eye-catching, is a look at the boss personally

ha the two woman play crazy

I say so no man

1. if a man can be in the middle of the night and ran downstairs you sing a song for you, you can meet any unreasonable demands in public, can be in when you are not happy clown make you happy, from time to time the mobile phone look worried about missing your message or phone, to ask you to eat meal and eat instant noodles can live frugally for a week. Mobile phone on standby twenty-four hours at your call, then he must be a spare tire.

2. a test, the test paper came down, there is a question to write the idiom of ABAC, I wrote infertility, I was wrong. So he asked the table and said, "maybe you're poking a teacher in tears..."

3. off the crowded bus, did not open the window a little boring, hard call window next to a guy is not being open, he suddenly put a fart, then the whole car window opens, just listen to his mouth muttering: I have to force the use of chemical weapons......

4. Yan Wang asked me what I wanted to do in the next life and gave me ten options. I looked at it and said, "pick ten." So, I became a picky child. When the

5. bus turns in, a pregnant woman squeezes her when the old woman gets on the bus. The two people are noisy. The pregnant woman said, "you have to say sorry to me." The old woman said, "I'm sorry!" I didn't do it on purpose. " The pregnant woman said, "you are not good enough, give me a kowtow on your knees." Of course, the old woman will not be willing, one of the other people said, you will be good! You should be a wrong grave!

6. you can think of an old man sneezing on teeth fly out almost flew to me panic, at that moment, I thought that he is the killer of Qiu shenjin!

7. company has a fat colleague, playing with me very well. At ordinary times, two people have something to say. One day, the weather was cold, he wore a red scarf to work for the company. I said, "fat man remember not red scarf, or you'll be like QQ."

8. the end of the month pocket money left not much, I have to do some dangerous things to improve the food, I took the clothes fork standing on the balcony edge carefully hook next door sausage. I was afraid of falling down from the balcony of the 1 floor.

9. is lying at home in the afternoon, waking up the mobile phone, sleepy and sleeping! It was so confused to seven. My mother called me and said she and my dad were eating hot pot! Let me pass! Jubilant ran to look a table leftovers and elegant cazui parents! "My daughter, I and your dad go to the movies, you remember to pay the money, and do not order, there is still there, it should be enough for you!" Don't waste it! "

10. Lao Wang asked his son: how is his recent study? The son said: "OK!" Lao Wang said I did you? Son: no problem. Oldwang: "stop" in a sentence. Son: this family of Yuba can not be used, mother go to the next song Po bath.

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