The final answer to the final exam of 10 pupils is too funny.

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The final answer to the final exam of 10 pupils is too funny.

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don't underestimate the child's mother

because of a careless

you may be red

Zhejiang students' test sentences" text-align: center "

you center ">" how many cosmetics, mother becomes beautiful "

Mom: Alas, your mother I have this little secret, stupid Can the child keep the secret?

you style= center" > the

also have the sun out of their experience being black

"every time she sent me to school when they are over to wipe lipstick. I say mom! Hurry up, you're going to be late! "

"she is a 'big pig', because she can eat and sleep, my mother and the pig are brothers."

"her words are a little bit more, and my ears are going to feel like it's not my own."

Mom: you come, I promise not to kill you!

you style= center" > "Mom always watching TV in the room"

"mother is the home of the king"

: king mother asked you to learning, or else the!

you style= center" > "never mind, my mother would have died of"

Mom: OK I look, I just used to black, used

children's "text-align: center" style=

cute "text-align: center" > really want to suddenly and violently beat


a Guangzhou primary language exam

there is such a child to ask about

specific topics like:

"if your mom and dad

you want to add a brother or sister

to discuss with you, what would you say?"

kids feel the answer

it is clear,

against center

you center ">" you must be thinking: never mind, a dead, there is a "

child, your heart lives a Qiong Yao?

you style= center" > "thank you, mom, I don't have the"

"it may delay my study and your work, but also a waste of your money,"

sensible, young age to save money for the family of

you center ">" if you want to do the caesarean section, the results I can't imagine "

mom listened to" text-align: center "style=

you know, how much trouble when I was young"

you center ">" responsible "to a" text-align: center "style= life

usually did not see it, it is a responsible boy"

you center ">" besides, you are 38 years old, be pregnant?"

you this child is wrong, what their mother body, my heart is still a point of the

you center ">" I don't want a brother or sister, because I want to take home"