You ask me how fat is the orange cat? It's no loss to go out and fight in shape

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You ask me how fat is the orange cat? It's no loss to go out and fight in shape

2017-12-26 09:25:35 349 ℃

fat fat fat

2017-12-25 connotation of dynamic map were GIF were hilarious figure

hello Hello, my sister is a

recently in micro-blog sees a picture of

ha ha lmao


when the officer shoveled shit all know

"ten orange cat nine fat, and a lot of orange cat

to collapse the Kang" in childhood is very adorable

, but in the age of.

many shoveled shit officer is not fully investigation

be deceived by their appearance Meng Da

results accidentally raised a head Pig

orange cat's motto is

so accidentally became so hot eyes style

the other is

orange cat meow is full of puffiness fat!

off to see the fat belly meat of the cat in the

is "/1ydzximg/0HzBhBLUYW />

" the heavy jump

enough I laugh a year

the orange cat every day climb into bed called the owner got up

efforts to climb the ladder figure is real sad ha ha ha ha

why orange cat is so fat?

because they are too! Love! Eat! The!

see what all eat, eat what is long meat

(huh? Isn't it funny sister own)

other cat medicine is like this

orange cat medicine is like this

even eat so sweet medicine

you do not fat fat who src= "/1ydzximg/0HzBhB67Ek" />


way also very wild

idle at home to destroy

I go to fight with people with orange brother size advantage never lost

sometimes touch porcelain what

are simply "/1ydzximg/0HzBhBXPQm src=

see this screen out This scene Jin

can be said to be the Cat Mountain King right

really should be the words of

and playfully orange cat

love me, are you afraid of? Does

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contract you all day long bursting point!