Xiangxi minority girls experience real supernatural events! Absolute truth!

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Xiangxi minority girls experience real supernatural events! Absolute truth!

2016-07-22 04:03:49 239 ℃

Since childhood experience, coupled with love great to hear people say some curiosities! But in Xiangxi this strange place! So I know quite a lot! A few days ago to occasionally find this section to know that there are so many people!

I used to look, but now I want to write, because I have experienced so many why not write it out! Brief may write and plain, but it really happened to know how horrible!

First, I am a rough introduction to my sister can be said that this year, nearly 20 years old, the family in Xiangxi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture of a well-known tourist city, and now in Shandong, a famous coastal city college of navigation.

A comparison of the first experience is really impressive, seen that thing to do.

The landlord that year 5 grade. Then my parents and my brother in the county, I and my grandparents at home. At that time I invited my neighbor's little friends in the village to sleep in my house, and then to explore the middle of the night. We have class at 9 o'clock in the morning, we got up at about 3 in the middle of the night and slipped out. From my home town primary school is 6 miles, the old road, so not deserted. In the construction of a road near the two highway, is said to have moved a lot of the grave, because in the wilderness, we Nashanduo.

From the old national road to the new two on the road. Desolate and uninhabited。 The owl and wildcat of unknown things in what are called on both sides. I walked by the side of the two small partners, I walked in the middle. We're on the right side of the sidewalk. Summer is not particularly dark night. I saw something in front of about 70 meters in the middle of the road, a white and a black. I was still wondering: Hey, what was the middle of the road and two road also planted the osmanthus tree? To put up a white cloth? Is along then, there are about 30 meters, suddenly two things thump up!!

Also, a gu. I don't know other Gu, anyway, at least I side I know Gu, really not so novel, although still scary. I could be with very limited knowledge and scanty information. I will be back to you on my side of the gu. Declare that I am not a fiction writer

Well, when it comes to squatting two things suddenly stood up, and then closer and closer. Really like the legend of black and white, black and white, especially tall. Wear also don't know what material of the clothes, like gowns, yarn stuff, feeling behind also collapse similar to a backpack, then look, the inside is white strip, just like the previous funeral throw that. Do not know what the feeling of being face with white gauze. But the two people go in particular together. Come to us. They were walking in the middle of the road, and then away from us ten meters, suddenly toward the right side of the sidewalk we walked. I was still in the middle, that afraid of it, because we have a saying there is a ghost in the middle, whether you go in the middle or you sleep at home, because the middle of the look timid! We're not out of the atmosphere, not only dare to squint eyes, remaining light Piao, the body is not cold! Is fever! Two legs really shake to walk hard to move forward! I hissed abruptly bared that a few words "...... What...... What...... What things......" No...... Did not know...... Tao......" "How to do...... Go away...... How to go......" "Ah...... Him...... He... Both of them...... He's coming over......"

We three nervous incoherent. He's getting closer and closer to us, our hearts are almost out of the. And they go really is not the kind of pace and rhythm of ordinary people, ordinary people should not be so stable, and the frequency of the same, with the move like. Then they close and we pass the distance less than one meter! I was still walking in the middle, I do not know how much pressure to go outside the little partner! Anyway, we just can't see their faces! Well, they didn't do anything to us at the time! After a pass and went straight away, about ten seconds later, we could not help but quietly looked down, there is nothing on the back of the road. You know it's a straight road. Ten seconds.

As a result of which a friend of her parents in the vicinity of the road opened a Shi Cang (probably hit a rock dig the stone can be used as building materials, never heard even), we are too scared, scratching and ran to the to her mother and father sleep, and her parents said, her parents did not say what may is a thief. No, you don't have to play like this, you go to sleep for a while, and then go to school at 7. Then go to the school and the students said, they all feel too incredible. In particular, things like black and white are out of the way.

Said really after a lapse of time, I think I do not believe, like a dream. But a person see is false, three people, or illusion?

After a lapse of several years, I just and grandma I talked about (usually I like Grandma and talk about these) behind the small partners said her parents listen, you know we say is certainly hit the unclean things, just afraid afraid of us, to reassure us that could be a thief. Fortunately we afterwards did not occur what, disease what may is because under 12 years old. (we there saying that under twelve years old to hit is not clean, but that's okay, 12 again hit to ill luck like full! )