Content: Mom, you want to eat me and then give you a balcony jelly in the urine!

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Content: Mom, you want to eat me and then give you a balcony jelly in the urine!

2017-12-28 18:25:56 776 ℃


brother which is lead to trouble you?

warns you for the last time! I'll come again to freak out!

always thought there was only one bad person without eyebrows. It turned out that there were two people. Ji Chunhua and Du Yuming

looked at what this is doing.

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1. funeral, woman standing in her grave and cry... Half a year ago, the Civil Affairs Bureau of the door, the woman:" finally a problem when I married, not said will love me for a lifetime? Why now want to divorce with me... "Man:" because I found together with you, I am not happy... "

2. home in the yard there is a tree, early in the morning every day in the tree magpie chirping. I stand under the tree tops muttered to: Magpie chirping, happy to come... Bother me to be lazy... I haven't finished, a bird shit hit me on the head and avoid leaning to either side...... I hurried to go to the basin to wash my face, who knew I was bending down, and the cell phone in my jacket pocket fell into the basin.

3. I just knew when I was pregnant, a bag of four bags of sanitary napkins bought in the supermarket was not open yet, and I sent my daughter-in-law. Then the daughter-in-law found her pregnant a week later and gave it to her cousin. As a result, the cousin found her pregnant that month, and wanted to give her cousin. My cousin heard of the origin of the sanitary napkin, and said, I am still a student! Not to throw the trash can.

4.6 year old nephew sent his father a Christmas gift, a piece of sesame ice knot, my brother ate a compliment: "Oh, my son is really good, but also put sugar!" My sister-in-law's jealousy said, "my son is a rare father, and I have not prepared a gift for me." Little nephew: "Mom, you want to eat me and give you a balcony jelly!"

5. saw a post on the Internet last night: my boyfriend drove me on a bicycle, and he was in charge. I sat on the bar and held the handlebar in the direction. I leave a message: ha ha, I and my boyfriend like to play like this, and a few times. The wine was less than a thousand cups. For one night, she gave me a photo of her boyfriend... Nima, the world is so small,