Content scripts: just don't eat meat, you, I'm not hungry!

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Content scripts: just don't eat meat, you, I'm not hungry!

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rabbit successfully jailbreak

will play bath, enjoy the most beautiful but also so!

a sheep with a big baby rhino

1. on the biology class, the blackboard topic is why we look like a father and as a mother, the answer should be a father and the mother's genes in our body. As a result of the same table, because we were a real

2., a cheater said to me: Hello, your bank card shows 10000 yuan in different places. Me: Yeah, I bought an elephant in Thailand yesterday! Cheater: you're really crazy, break my thoughts!

3. Xiao Ming; you have a crush? Yes, it's really small; is a painful memory. Xiao Ming; who is the one you love? Imagine that is small. Xiao Ming;.

4. today saw a man came home from work, I asked him how to cry on each other's shoulder, and he said: go out today to see the concert about my girlfriend, I call her, he asked who the concert, I would like to say that the rolling stones, the result just said roll word, then the mobile phone has no electricity.........

5. 1 times, a friend of mine was bitten by a dog, and he ran to the hospital in a hurry. To the doctor: doctor, my hand was bitten by a dog! The doctor said, "well, you are late." Friend: am I not saved? Doctor: No, we're off work at 5 o'clock. You can only go to the emergency. When

6. was a child, the group went to the countryside to learn the farmers' land. Laquerware has a big open-air pit. The pit surface by the sun with a layer of hard shell...... A classmate of our class has stabbed the poke with a small stick, and it is quite solid. He shouted: "dodge water drift" rushed up... That picture,

7. has a wonderful gentlemen dormitory roommate, shampoo bath wash with a towel. One day I do not see it, he said to him, even if you wash your hair with a towel to wash bath, why also slowly, roommates are their own, meat, also what distinction, listen to what he said, I was speechless. God reply: then pick up the paper wiped the butt to wipe the mouth and say: it is their own things out of the body, what is the height!

8. in a restaurant to see the warmth of the scene, "the boy said to the girl left, you don't eat meat, I'm not hungry." The girl moved to say "husband, you are special to eat a self-help which is so much waste!" You can't eat it so much! I had to!"

9.A: I found a more serious problem than "who to save the water first". B: say, listen. A: it's extremely brutal oh ~B: Okay, you say A: now the days of heating and WiFi can only choose one, which would you choose?? B: the grooves, sure enough hard enough

10. to play games all night night, early morning reading late, the class teacher asked me last night what? I said I was sleeping in the dorm. He said, "how about a dog?" I had to put my head down in silence and answered, "well."

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