After shaving the dog, the dog can feel the collapse of the dog.

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After shaving the dog, the dog can feel the collapse of the dog.

2018-04-12 20:25:26 326 ℃

summer is coming, many thoughtful officials fear shoveled shit hot temperature and let their baby skin disease, began to take the dog to the frenzied pet beauty salon shaving.

some of the modified shapes can still be seen in the past, but some of them are going to the two dog family in the village to shave the razor? Really can't bear to look straight!

kolkie, do you know that you have been designed as a new dumb bell by your master? The

is powerful in other powerful, from the front look not shaving from behind, look not shaving, only to see it from the side to

golden retriever, you know your master is a Harry Potter fan crazy?

dog head is designed into Harry Potter's Gryffindor Emblem - Atlantic, body and a tattoo of Voldemort left to Harry Porter "lightning" scar! You're thin, you'll make your master wand!

"Mom, I... I am...

..." the child, you can be more than a little party! Who gave you this haircut, the angular shape, with a square piece of bread or the like, with a chocolate jam!

, ah, you already had a good shape, gloves, mask, and collar are kept for you, and your sleigh three silly s.peers, looks and so stupid and you look to

mental state adjustment was also quite good, no the face of hatred.

ASA! You are the goddess of the dog, Samoye! Who makes you shave this way? Do you have a story with a friend above?

is a left hair, a shaved hair, your appearance looks like a doll wearing clothes, but not wearing the collar that was very collapse...

that only Allah may never think of yourself, a trip to the door, the dog turned from Allah Allah donkey! After

cut the hair perfectly adapted to their new identity, we as a donkey, walking in the street is to valiantly dash!

"Mom, I was Samoye! You help me, my hair face is too heavy, I will fall down... "...

to a goddess Samoye shaving in such a way, the face shaved monkey face, like the light of life Samoye could not stand by...

Jia ke! Although your chest big ass, but short legs, sit down and stand nearly as high as ~

but after you shave hair how to become a pig head??!! Did you eat the food in the house again? I give you to eat or according to the component, you are long not so plump body!

for dogs, the summer heat mainly by tongue and foot, body hair can be used to resist heat and ultraviolet, summer dog shaving is not a wise choice oh ~

may also cause psychological inferiority of dogs!