Humorous paragraph: from the moment you got up to buy a drink, I decided it was you.

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Humorous paragraph: from the moment you got up to buy a drink, I decided it was you.

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took their son to eat rice noodles in the morning and watched him eat. Suddenly he felt a little thirsty. He said to his son, "Let Daddy drink soup." the son pushed the bowl over and suddenly handed me the chopsticks. I said, "Dad is not hungry," son: "chopsticks are used to keep you in powder. Don't suck my powder in when you drink it!"


, a couple passed by two yuan shop, only heard the boss crying out: "two yuan, two yuan, two yuan - --" the couple in the small couple joked: "is the boss wife two yuan?" The boss looked at the woman and said, "the boss doesn't buy it, but it can replace it with the old!"

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recently to learn to drive, driving coaches especially bad temper. I just scolded me: how are you so stupid? The dog hung on the neck of the steering wheel than you good! Give me no gas, put down a relentless: you wait for me, I will make you look good, then ran home... While... I hold a giant Tibetan mastiff, came to the front, the legs trembling roar coach you let it open! Open! Ah!


, my wonderful student, is just want to experience it. "After the bulb is put into the mouth, it can't get out". So he thought of a thought very insurance approach, with a plastic bag over the bulb inside, stuck directly after breaking the bulb, the glass will not fall into the mouth. I am on my way to accompany a mouth Darunfa bag in idiotic to go to the hospital...


, Lao Zhang received a fraud phone call, the other lied about his son, Lao Zhang knew he was a liar but he did not hang up. Liar have found deceived him, mouth parched and tongue scorched, Zhang to cheat, you sound like my son, he didn't call me for a long time, can you stay with me that conversation? A silent for a moment, and then Zhang Lao homely, finally Zhang said: Dad, take care ah. Just hang up the phone. Then Lao Zhang said to his colleague who was busy with the mobile phone signal, where was the position of the fraudsters?

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women were afraid of passing through the graveyard. They were brainstruck. They said to the grave, "Dad, I came back, and opened the door, and the ammonia

man was frightened. He shouted and ran away. The woman just felt relieved and was about to leave.

suddenly heard a deep voice from the grave. "Girl, you forgot the spoon of ammonia again, and the woman scared and ran away.

at that time, a grave robbery came out of the tomb. She said, "depend on me, I will work hard to frighten you."

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son are careless. When doing homework, the same mistake is always committed again. When she wanted to educate her son, she made up a small story: "there is a man walking on the road." On the first day, he fell into a hole; on the second day, he fell into the same hole; on the third day, he fell again. You say, why is this? " Son want to clap the head: "I know, because the hole is his home!" Actually speechless...


in the same year with boudoir competition, fortunately at the end of my victory, and husband married on the night. I looked at my husband deeply and asked, "I love you with my honey. She is more beautiful than me. She is Sofer than me. I never thought you would be with me." Husband: "fool, what's this?" You remember, there was a time when three of us went to the beach. The sand on the beach was very soft, and three of us were lying on the beach. Then the two of you got up and went to buy a drink. I decided from that moment, that's you. "


told me that idiot's good friend, children are afraid of injections when she does not love, she hit the bottle, all kinds of happiness within. At the age of four or five, her mother does housework. She's on the side. Mom and mom play with me. Her mother doesn't have time to talk to her. She says, "Mom, do you want to injections?" That's a lot of fun! Good! Then her mother put a toothpick on her hand, with a transparent glue, a toothpick tied with a thread, and the other on the wall... The goods lay quietly for an afternoon...


heard that a friend returned home for the new year, the parents did not urge him, nor did it mention the topic. But silently in his slippers beside the left a pair of women's slippers, put a bed for pillows and quilts. There are cups and toothbrushes on the face. There are several women's fashion magazines on the desk, and there are women's pajamas in the wardrobe... This talent home one day, have trembled and said almost to suspect himself with people we had......