Humorous paragraph: A roommate in our dormitory, we got up at night to eat

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Humorous paragraph: A roommate in our dormitory, we got up at night to eat

2018-05-04 10:25:01 238 ℃

1. The class director of the evening class was not there, and the class could have exploded. Suddenly the principal came in from the back door, and we scolded us, and the board was silent. then. . . He came in again from the front door and nodded and said: This class is really nice and disciplined. It's not like the class just!

2. A roommate in our dormitory, we got up at night to eat I gave him a bucket of old altars.
Who knows there is no hot water in the dormitory, he took out 5 candles in his bag to cook! !
I didn't expect it to be cooked by him. Suddenly, he shouted: "How can I not have a fork?"
This is hardly impossible for him. He took two ballpoint pens to serve as chopsticks.
Finally, the ballpoint pen leaked heat. . . The barrel of painstaking effort was destroyed. . .

3. A college student seldom attends classes, but on the day of the exam, he came to the classroom early. After finding his seat, he sat down with a young man sitting next to him. "My dear friend, I will depend on you for a while. I will scroung you!" The man said, "No problem." . After a while, the examination bell rang and I saw that the person stood up, took out the test paper from the bag, and started to roll...

4. John went to register after he had seen the advertisement of the swimming pool to recruit lifeguards. The owner of the pool asked John: "Do you have life-saving experience?" John shook his head. The boss asked, "What specialties do you have?" John replied, "I am particularly long. The swimming pool is 2.1 meters deep. My height is 2.17."

5. Friends dinner, everyone proposes: Who doesn't drink? Pay the bill!
So I hate drinking and I also lifted the glass. . .
Several cups of wine started, I began to drink a series of articles, pointing to a table and said: "I pay today! Do not anyone else to grab me ..."


6. Meet a foreign uncle at the gym. Uncle is good at Chinese. Chatting very openlyheart.
Lastly in the locker room, Uncle said: I'll sing a song to you!
I was very excited at the time and I switched my mind to another song frequently used by international friends.
I looked at him with wide eyes and the uncle cleared his throat and sang: "Oh, we are different, not the same ~~"
I. . .

7. Having met with his girlfriend at the station, she couldn't find her.
Calling She said she was riding a bike next to her, and then I looked around, where can I ride a bicycle?
Finally, I found him. She even pointed to a child riding a baby carriage and said to me: Isn't it?

8. Son was crazy in the park one morning and covered in sweat. I took my hand and said to me very seriously that Daddy is good at making money. In the future, he will buy me a big house, build such a big park in the room, and install air conditioners so that I won't be hot!
I'm sorry son, father's ear is not good, nothing has been heard. . .