Humorous: My son, my daughter-in-law, wants to buy it. Let her buy it. Don't stop it.

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Humorous: My son, my daughter-in-law, wants to buy it. Let her buy it. Don't stop it.

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1. The girlfriend is the squad leader. She was presided over yesterday’s class meeting on Tuesday. Before the meeting, she smiled and said that she wanted to investigate the private life of everyone and said that the girlfriend's boys raised their hands. Not many boys raised their hands, I looked at her happily, holding hands. She stepped down from the podium and came to me and said to me: "Hey, you put your hands down."

2. My mother-in-law is calling her husband: My son, my daughter-in-law wants her to buy, so don't stop it! If you dare to stop, I will kill you. Not a moment, the mother-in-law privately believed that the landlord said: Daughter-in-law, I heard that online things are cheap, help me buy a red woolen coat, black long sweater, and then double black cotton boots, 40 yards. . .

3. The girlfriend gave me a pair of insole embroidered on the mat full of joy.
My girlfriend, Joseph, asked me: I can't wear it, show it to you personally!
I quickly promised: good to wear, very comfortable, that is what is the uniform retail price ghost?

4. Before we got married, when we got back to each other, when we first entered the house, my mother said, "The matchmaker just called and said. The girl is very satisfied with you, ask for your attitude?” I said: “I don’t agree” Mom: “What?” I said: “The woman has higher income than I, I’m afraid I’ll be under pressure at home later. No position!” Dad suddenly gave me a slap, “Isn't it stupid! I earn more than you all. In my family, have you seen my status?”

5. Peasants and couples get off the train He was soon kidnapped and the kidnappers demanded 1 million.
Laonong said: "I only get 100 yuan."
The kidnapper shouted: "I have little money, I obviously heard you say on the train ... 200,000 took a new house and 500,000 to his son." Daughter-in-law, also want to travel, buy a car, eat seafood ..."
Farmers stamped: "I'm poor, talk about lottery prizes such daydreaming you also take it seriously!"

6. Bring the bus to work this morning. The man is very much, and he hears that there is an odd prostitute in front of him.

Extremely beautiful woman: Do not squeeze, ah, skirts are wrinkled, annoying.
Reply to her big sister: Hey, I'm afraid to take a bus.
Women: Who wants to take the bus, limit it today?
After five seconds of silence, only a small voice was heard: Did brother meet you yesterday?

7. My husband is going to get married. My husband asked me to accompany him to attend the wedding. I couldn't say, her husband asked: Why?
I said: Too ugly, afraid to affect people's appetite.
My husband comforted: It does not matter, just set off my handsome. . .