Hilarious GIF: Come and come and tell me that you promised the deaf person that you were wrong?

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Hilarious GIF: Come and come and tell me that you promised the deaf person that you were wrong?

2018-05-04 20:25:19 232 ℃

Overestimating himself, underestimating the opponent, the consequences are serious.

This is a boxing bag?

Is this suicide in practice? ?

Mummy: You can't get up with the cat brother

Unlocking new skills in Sao Nian

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I went to the hospital today and met an intern nurse. As a result, I was tragedy.

Wang Wang, stuck, who will rescue the Wang

No matter how hard the storm can fall in love, I wish happiness!

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1. In the middle of the night there was a sudden rainstorm. There was a lot of thunder in the window. When her boyfriend put his head in the bed, I laughed at him: How old are the men? He was shocked: Too many sworn vouchers to avoid it. I grabbed him: You never swear to me! Come and tell me that you have promised to the deaf person?

2. I couldn’t tell the difference between childhood and childhood, so the primary difficulty for me in elementary school mathematics was to distinguish the greater than and the smaller.Number. After some hard work, what silent mouth is greater than the number opens to the left, and the smaller number opens to the right, because it is not clear. Later my mother told me who was the only one who was small, and since then it has been invincible.

3. Today, the superiors checked that in the morning when I entered the office, I shouted: The devil entered the village! Qi brush raised six heads, all superior leaders! Well, you guys are leading my stomach and you are busy!

4. Today, the wind was so great that when I was passing by the post and telecommunications building, the wind was too heavy and I stopped. The opposite woman insisted on riding an electric car and walking along the S line. Now. It's easy to get up and ride, and a demon wind blows again. I can't help but laugh.

When I came home from work at noon, Xiao Yan was in my house and caught me at a glance when I saw me. She said she fell and she saw me laughing happily...

5. A male patient was hospitalized and the ultrasound electrocardiograph machine malfunctioned just that day. The diagnosis is: uterine prolapse.

In the face of the checklist, the 40-year-old burly man burst into tears and cried.
After she had cried, he asked his wife: who was the child of the trick?