Humorous joke: My grandfather smokes and my dad smokes. It's my turn to not break the incense

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Humorous joke: My grandfather smokes and my dad smokes. It's my turn to not break the incense

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The bus was too crowded and a young man was suddenly stopped to stop. The center of gravity was not steady, and suddenly the grandfather's crotch on the neighbor seated. The young man said sorry, sorry. Perhaps the grandfather didn't hear the emotion suddenly stood up and said: "I touched my pants and I did not say anything you say I show up?" Forgive me this life is not indulgence laugh low.


The bus was overcrowded, moving, and the elbows met the girl's month and the moon. I was an honest man, instantly flushed, whispered and said I'm sorry... The girl saw me in an embarrassed state, smiled gracefully and whispered, "Nothing, you met the Moon and the Moon, far from the Moon and the Moon. It was...


One day, seeing a child smoking, he persuaded: "Smoking is harmful, so quit! "He said:" Can't quit. "I asked:" Why? "He answered with pride:" My grandfather smokes and my dad smokes. It's my turn to not break the incense. "


"Dad, I'm going to work. ""Write and write! Know your homework all day! Do you play League of Legends? Did you qualify? You said you, how many days haven't played? Still bent on learning! Take a look at the next home, the Little Kings are all diamonds. You have only been bronze until now. When I go out and buy a dish, I am embarrassed to look up! Quickly open the computer and give it to me now! ......hurry up! "


A month ago the party was held and the male colleagues warmly urged them to drink! When I was awake it was noon the next day! I lay naked on the bed! I understood everything The waiter told me that there were eight men who sent me... Hateful is that this month’s relatives haven’t come! Whose people don’t know... No way, fight it out! I tapped the water tap intentionally... I knocked on the crush The door of Xiao Wang that I've had for a long time... Xiao Wang was eager to help me fix it! Watched Xiao Wang drank me and put two Viagra's water... I gently rubbed my stomach... The kid, mother gave you the trick. ....


In the evening, with her friend in the bathing center, the ex-girlfriend suddenly sent a beautiful picture of herself to me. , heavy makeup, wearing fashion ... and with a word: a woman will have to rely on their own, when you are so poor, like every time I think I feel embarrassed. I seeThe photo laughed and replied: "Thank you for leaving, giving me the freedom and freedom I have never felt before, and I was just as tired as I want! Tonight, Xiao Ye is extravagant, and it's 688! Ten minutes later. p>


Today it was a bit of a hurry in the morning, the vest was not changed when I went to bed, and the jacket went straight to work. There was a walking on the road. Different kinds of freedom, opposite the two uncles have been watching me, I feel that their charm is not the same, until a gust of wind blowing, his chest cool, her mother's bra is forgotten to wear....


Wang feels his wife is derailed and distracted. He is looking for a leader to chat and talk. He is better than the leader who happens to be busy and let him play. He rolls around on the leader's sofa and suddenly sees a The female underwear, when the leader suddenly entered the door to hold him, hurriedly the small and medium king hurriedly put the underwear into the bag, afterwards passionately forgot the panties.At home in the evening, his wife found the underwear when washing clothes, Xiao Wang hurriedly To excuse, who knows his wife first said: "Devil, the next time you can not hide my underwear play, people find Day of it! "


In the class, professors taught economics: "What is the primary industry? Feed cattle and raise sheep. What is the secondary industry? Kill cattle and slaughter sheep. What is the tertiary industry? Eat beef and drink mutton soup. "A student asked:" So, what about the cultural industry? "Professor eyes light up:" Good question! It's a good student. "And then answer:" The so-called cultural industry is blowing leather, a sheep! "


After graduating from university, there was no object. When a friend introduced a girlfriend, my parents and her parents went. When the blind date came, the girl looked very quiet. Very lady, sitting particularly dignified, straight and straight waist, long hair and waist, really feel very good, the woman's parents said: You two go out and turn around, sit there more boring, so the landlord told this girl Going out, the door of the restaurant just left, the woman said: "Stand down, I killed my aging mother, I really tired to wear ladies..." Hey, do you smoke, give me one? At that time, there was an old blood spit out...