Humorous joke: Once I went to the 4S shop, a female salesperson looked at the clothes I was wearing. The car didn’t let me touch it.

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Humorous joke: Once I went to the 4S shop, a female salesperson looked at the clothes I was wearing. The car didn’t let me touch it.

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During the night of the bridal chamber, Yang Guo-chao found that the dragon girl did not turn red and asked tentatively: "Aunt, have you had a man before?" The dragon girl did not want to injure the beloved man. In the case of Yin Zhiping, I smiled slightly: "How do you think that you are on the rope to keep your balance?"


I remember that when I graduated from high school, I went to serve as a soldier. When I was enrolled in the army, I had to take off my physical examination. When the doctor examined me, I touched my tummy or something abnormal. Then I actually stroked his brain to caress him. The hair, the instant atmosphere has become very inconceivable...


The following 21 names, there must be one of your classmates, please do not believe: 1. Zhang Wei 2, Wang Wei, 3, Wang Fang, 4, Li Na; 5, Liu Wei; 6, Zhang Min; 7, Li Jing; Zhang Li;9, Wang Jing;10, Wang Li1;1, Li Qiang;12, Zhang Jing;13, Li Min;14, Wang Min;15, Wang Lei;16, Wang Yong;17, Wang Yan;18, Zhang Lei 19, Huang Dong; 20, Liu Dong; 21. Liu Yang.


The micro-information about the girl she likes to eat, and the girl replies that she's been busy with work recently and waits for her to rest one day. ...My dad looked at me on the edge of my lost look and said to me softly: "I have to wait for a rest day for a meal. She probably wants to stay with you..."


I remember once I went to the Mercedes-Benz 4S store. A woman sold her clothes to see the clothes I wore. The car did not touch me. I went out to go to the next BMW 4S shop, the sales staff died enthusiasm, tea poured, and finally I asked him: Do you have old newspaper waste boxes? In the end I was carrying a full three-wheeler of old newspapers and cardboard boxes past the Mercedes-Benz 4S shop: Well, Mercedes 4 son, I won't accept your old newspaper. I seem to see her expression of regret on her face.


Some days I went shopping with my elementary school girl, and my younger sister took a look at a skirt but didn’t bring any money. So I borrowed money for her. "Sister, do you have a girlfriend?" “No,” she said, standing on tiptoe, lifting her skirt slightly, turning around, and asking, “DriftingIs it bright? "Pretty." "My boyfriend bought it for me." I slap it and say, "This fuck is my money, don't you want to pay back!"


One day, a buddy came to us and saw the words "Caution Glass" on the door, turned away and he pointed to the door. "You don't welcome me here!"


When I was a kid watching TV, when men and women quarreled especially fiercely, the men were The girl kissed the wall and the girl was quiet, and the problem was solved.After a few days of arguing with a female student, I remembered the move. Later, not only was the lesbian table quiet, but the entire class was quiet. Then, The teacher asked me to be called a parent. Since then, all the girls in the school have been afraid of me.


The son was in elementary school for less than a week and he did his work at the same table. The origin of the contradiction was two. People arguing that three meals a day or two meals a day, each holding their own words did not give way to each other.Then the son who knew the truth told me and his wife with tears and said: "Six years, six years! I lived for six years before I knew there was a meal called ‘breakfast’ in this world!