Are southerners and northerners doomed to fall in love? ! !

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Are southerners and northerners doomed to fall in love? ! !

2018-06-08 00:25:49 261 ℃

Good evening! Recently, a microblogging fire on how fritters are used by people in the north and the south is estimated to be the most controversial issue after heating, buying food from the north and the south, and eating sweet and salty curds. You feel it!

Usually the milk fritters are right!

But have you heard of fritters soy sauce?

Northerners are so fritters

A tidal friend spoke at the moment.

▽< /p>

Another friend in the North said that he was wronged

< /p>

It's all

remembering the countless battles

North-South differences

When shopping for food, for example

Southern people buy food by pressing a meal< /strong>Count

Northerners buy food by one ton

When Southerners buy food in the North



North and South are different for some names of dishes

It's completely different

For example...

Therefore it may happen that

the situation...

< p>Buy it even more!

Understanding some words from North and South

It's totally different

< /p>

Differences in eating habits

>More obvious

When northerners eat hotpots

Sauerkraut is like this


Southerners eat hotpots

Sauerkraut is like this

Northerners Beancurd in the eyes

Beanie in the eyes of Southerners

It caused a dispute between North and South in the

Sweet and salty scene...

South People: Don't understand your Northerners How to accept sweet dumplings and salted bean curd!

Northerners: Do not understand how your southerners accept salty dumplings and sweet bean curd!

Tidal people: We all eat!

So when it comes to online dating...

Emmmm is true

Cold Brother hasn't eaten sweet dumplings yet!< /p>

I always want to try it but I don't have a chance

I believe there are many dogs like me

I haven't felt any other flavors yet

< p>


趁This Dragon Boat Festival is coming!

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ps: Eating Cold Brother's粽 粽 strong strong strong strong strong strong strong strong strong strong strong strong strong.

Do not try to run!