Humorous joke: One day, my aunt asked me to get a parcel. Where did I go?

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Humorous joke: One day, my aunt asked me to get a parcel. Where did I go?

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A woman's long-term dream of seeking to pass through as a peerless beauty, she finally crossed through the day and found herself on an ancient woman, anxiously looking at herself with the mirror, really making it laugh if it was in full bloom. If the wind willow. At the exacting moment, I suddenly saw a squiggly man leaned out of the stairs, his brows locked, and his voice was rough. He shouted, "Oh, down. Wu Song has a saying.


One day, my aunt asked me to get a parcel. I ran where I could get a black package. , but my aunt told me not to open it, but I did not open it. When I got home, I pulled the curtains open and carefully opened the parcel. After I opened it, I discovered the Xinhua Dictionary and Holly. I just wanted to call my aunt and suddenly responded. Fortunately, my aunt is clever!


I went out to work yesterday and came back to find out that a bear child had given my big light to the flowers. I smiled and took out one Zhang Baiyuan handed the money to the child and pointed to a Lamborghini at the back. He said, "It looks good. It's a reward for you. You go and draw the car. He'll reward you more. "Looking at the child's joyous rush to the super running scene, a sneer peeked over my mouth. Just listen to the bear's children yelling at Lamborghini:" Dad, you're right, it's really a fool and put his car I gave it back.


After a ship crashed, a female passenger and 10 male passengers drifted onto a desert island. A month later, the woman committed suicide because she felt that what happened this month was really disgusting. A month later, they decided to bury her because they felt that what happened this month was really disgusting. Months later, they decided to dig her out, because they thought that what happened this month was really disgusting. A month later, God raised the woman up because he felt that what had happened in those few months was really disgusting.


Said the new company's handsome guy to be swift and sensible, and the sisters don’t believe him and bet with him.The guy asked us to cheat on the conference table one by one and he came to hear. Smell the first one, handsome guy whispered to the fingerprint owner whispered! "Aunt told him that there is spicy chicken and mushroom flavor. exactly, is the dinner I made yesterday! "I guess the second one guessed right." He said there was a smell of liquid detergent. Yes, I was doing housework yesterday. "Smell my fingerprints, the handsome guy's expression becomes complicated, and whispered to me:" Is your home or home like you?


Goddess: Even if you don’t have money, no strength, no culture, long ugliness, even if you have nothing, I I'm going to marry you. I... I didn't answer it yet and woke up.


Like a girl when she was in school. out to dinner to see the movie deliberately dragged late, I asked her: "so late, closed schools certainly can not return to the dormitory how to do? "Her head bowed shyly said:" Either we go to the hotel bar! "! Oh, I was so excited that little heart ah punched a car all the way to all kinds of addiction kinky daydreams she arrived in the hotel door step by step into the boss rushed inside shouting:!." ​​Mom, this is my classmate, back to school closed not hostel, you gave him a house, and be a discount Oh!


Two female co-workers are unwell and have to pull me to accompany her to the hospital for an examination. Promise, the doctor did not look closely, let her go to be a B-mode, I can only wait for her outside, finally over the inspection, I walked up and asked her to check the results, she looked gloomy, said " B super bad, "I am a bit puzzled, casually asked one" machine broken? ”, female colleague: “The machine is not bad”, I...


A boy drunk more than 4 years ago to call me, sing the mermaid, sing him He said that he likes me, although we are not together, but we will always remember someone who liked me, sang songs to me, held hands with me, could not be together, maybe it was because they were boys.