Inaccessible tattoos, poverty limits my imagination

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Inaccessible tattoos, poverty limits my imagination

2018-06-08 00:25:46 354 ℃

Summer Comes

Leg-Looking Legs

Chest-Holding Chest

And if you are so different from others,

you're going to start showing tattoos.

But today See

Group of wonderful tattoo images

Don’t laugh back






Chinese Character Series

With the advancement of China's international status

The foreigners' mystery culture in the East


More and more interested

They put mystery oriental text on upper body

Like a string of English on our T-shirt

Are you not going to receive gifts this year?

Only receiving Cerebral Platinum


"Life and death are in the sky"


Justin Bieber's Tattoo - "Hey!"

Probably Bie thought it meant

“follow your heart”

The left armband is in Chinese for a while.

Foreign Brother can now view China

Feeling cool

So he upgraded his tattoo

in an instant

Why worry?

Only rich!

Fortunately, it is not "Sao Lange"


Don't call me to eat candy

Swords Together

The foreigner may think this word is very popular

Manchu Street is all ~


Don't go the usual route




In the end is a baby

< p> Or uncle bald? ? ?

Know why not happy?

I have a small pox on my face! ! !

The Magical Navel Eye sharing

This is what

Is the egg hurt?

The mermaid should lose weight

Santa Claus knows?

"Christmas old corpse? ? ?

Meng. .. Meng ... Tigers down the mountain??????

Picachus asks you to look a little more serious

Smells the taste of an onion


Evil Fun Series




Pac-Man? ? ?


Become the mark of Air Jordan


Telling others with tattoos

Peeling conditions that you cannot hear

Dambling situations when resolving inquiries

Climb out from the dunk? ? ?

Interactive Tattoo

Like life

Climb on the teat planet

The teat is about to roll off

I'll stop it

From the dark grandfather

Very Cute

Monkey The perfect fusion with amusing ratio


This is Duan You!

< /section>

You don't need any props for taking photos from here.

< /p>

There is no sense of contradiction


< Img src="/1ydzximg/0JEqLMXTHd" />

These wonderful tattoos look and look

Could not help but smile at the pig p>

Speaking of pigs

Does pig have a full dream?

You feel it

All right!

By knowing that you are all social people


Applause for you


No tattoo

< p>How to be a social person???

Social T-shirt Learn

I came

I left

Ignorant and fearless< /p>

Put nuts

< /section>

Dr. quack

Learn about

Dress in this T

Not available to a Chinese friend

< Section>

Break toast

Turning around is a roundabout

What does this mean?

Green Economy<

You guys are really good too

Something is more than social

It's not yours

Let me talk to the comment area

Your people

> What social activities have you done?

< /section>
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