Humorous paragraph: I feel that my wife has turned over, I immediately fled to the past, facing my wife for a while

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Humorous paragraph: I feel that my wife has turned over, I immediately fled to the past, facing my wife for a while

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I was going to buy a square at yesterday and went to a hardware store that I frequented.

I asked the proprietress and said, "The boss, how much is this ruler?"

The boss replied: "12."

I said: "The boss wife, I am very familiar with your husband, often come to your house to buy things, he sold me only ten!"

The boss said: "I know, but now we are divorced.



To buy fruit today, the boss said: "Brother, I have a red heart and a white heart of dragon fruit. The nutritional value of white heart is higher. Usually, the radish we eat also has white heart and purple heart. It’s more popular with everyone. Let’s see, we’re so familiar, I’ll give you

30% off, what? It’s enough to pay, pay.”

I Said: "Boss, are you not lie to me? You are a watermelon that is born."


When I was born, my grandfather spent a lot of money to find a master. Give me a face, the master said; "This child looks like Jingui, there is the spirit of the emperor, the big car travels, the luxury shop accommodation, the flag shouting, following the group!"

Time Arrow, the years are like, then, I became: Guide! ! !


When the New Year’s Day, he told his family that he would bring his girlfriend back home. As a result, his girlfriend would not be able to come back when he picked up. When he came back, he met her cousin and took her back. When the family ate together, the glass was picked up by the father when he arrived at the door...

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I: Dear, have you slept?

She: I fell asleep!

I: Haha, are you teasing me? Asleep and can reply My message?

She: Your girlfriend is really asleep!

I: Who is your special*!

She: My special* It’s her mother!

I: Ah. . . aunt. . you. . you. . Ok, good night!


Xiao Ming asked Dad to tell him a story.

Dad said that you want to listen to long or short?

Xiaoming: Long!

Dad: "There was a fly, 嗡嗡嗡嗡嗡 Hey...

Xiao Ming: "Dad, you still talk short!

Dad: There used to be a fly, oh, oh!"


I met on the road The goddess one, in the past, the last success to the number, the goddess said: I missed me when I missed it. I looked at the number, I was surprised, asked her: How is it so long? Telecom is still Unicom? Goddess Said: It is ICBC.


In fact, many people are married just to Find an excuse for your own failed life. If you are alone, you will only blame yourself for failing. If you get married, you can blame your husband. But everyone can't admit it.


It’s been a torrential rain recently, and it’s in a bad mood. I went out of the house with my wife’s day. It was raining downstairs, and the whole body was soaked. At this time, the phone rang, and it was a wife. My wife: It’s raining outside... I was moved at that time~~~~~ Daughter-in-law: Why didn’t there be a mine Damn you!



I drank more wine last night, my wife and children fell asleep, I was afraid of being shackled, and quickly took off my clothes and got a bed. Just lying down, I felt my wife turned over, I immediately I rushed over and kissed my wife for a while. I kissed my wife and was happy: my wife, your mouth is small, I like it... Then, my wife slaps and slaps me back: black light bonfire you are on my belly button Arch?