I am so dirty, you still don't deny me.

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I am so dirty, you still don't deny me.

2018-09-28 00:25:05 198 ℃

"It’s already dirty, it’s not cleaned (cleaned), this is the reason many people are lazy. However, the following set of pictures, but beat the face of the lazy!

The dirty bathroom has been completely cleaned and admired

The dark wall is burned and can be so cleaned

The metal parts of the old cabinets in the basement have been cleaned....

The iron frame covered with oil in the kitchen, the contrast before and after cleaning

Stools are green? In fact, it is only the smear covering the surface.

Algae on the floor surface After that, the real thing is revealed

The dirty house becomes New houses

Use laser to remove metal rust, 哗~ Magical

Children’s game room, a new look after cleaning< /p>

A painting that was cleaned many years ago will become...< /p>

咦? The original runway deity below the lime soil is like this

even used to lay the landscape The stones have unexpected potential

Wow? Is this really the same house?

Who said oil can't be removed

< Img src="/1ydzximg/0K7wJdgPWA" />

Dirty bathroom and refreshing bathroom, the difference is the hard work of the owner

Lazy people who don’t maintain shoes usually come to learn

Is the material changed after cleaning?

A normal platinum ring has been cleaned

< p>

It may be a psychological effect, and the water is clear.

< Img src="/1ydzximg/0K7wJd184t" />

Don't always say that your car is broken, maybe you just blame you

This kind of scene, I feel very enjoyable!

Are you lazy, now I have a number in my heart? ...