Connotation: Dad, today, two uncles come to the house.

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Connotation: Dad, today, two uncles come to the house.

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1: Going to the family, my wife is not there, my wife is cooking, I have eaten because of something, and when I finish eating, my father-in-law starts to eat. I take a bite and put down the chopsticks. I am full of affection and say to me: "So many years." I have suffered you..."

2: One night my wife and I were watching TV, and my wife suddenly complained to me that I was not responsible. I didn't raise my head and said: I said that I have slept you without you! Wife:......

3: one The buddy is not good-tempered, contracted a mountain farm to raise the chicken, called him, and asked him how to raise this product to answer me "nothing, one third faster!" I "had?? I am sick." Is there still a natural enemies?" "No, this chicken, too naughty, disobedient, mad at me! It was killed by me!"

4: One day chatting with a sister of WeChat, she said: You are not raining. I said: We are not only under heavy rain, but also a big eight winds. She made a smirk. Then say: You reverse the eight-level big wind!

5: Wife: "Old man, you said you still How long will it take?" The old man looked up at the sky and meditated for a moment: "It has to look at how long it can live."

6: At noon, I ate at the restaurant, I called The waiter said: "This braised beef can't bite." The waiter tasted and said, "Well, I suggest you replace it." I said, "How to change?" The waiter said: "Go to the hospital and change your teeth."

7: When I was six years old, I couldn’t open the drink bottle. Later I went to elementary school. After I finished junior high school, the university graduated. Then I went to the supermarket to buy it. After the bottle of drink, it was unscrewed. Thinking about what the teacher said, it is true: knowledge is power.

8: The daughter is courageous, and someone knocks on the door. Scared. Her husband came back with a key to open the door. When she saw it, Dad immediately ran over and hugged her thighs. He said, Dad, today, there are two uncles, come, come home. I am frying, thinking about my uncle. Husband smiled and looked at me and asked her daughter, what kind of uncle? The daughter said, express uncle and takeaway uncle.

9: I took the bus today, came up with an aunt, I got up and gave her a seat, aunt Smiled and asked me: How old is this boy? I: 26, Aunt: 26, still crowded the bus, my daughter 22 bought a car. I smiled: Ha, I took some money. I bought a car for my mom at the beginning of this year. My mom is too old to let her squeeze the bus to buy food. You say yes.

10: Ten years ago, there were scars on my knees. I asked where I am, and I will be careful next time. Now I have a scar on my knees. Don't be so fierce, is this obviously a good injury?