Humorous joke: A large-aged saint, finally married, and excited when the room was out of control!

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Humorous joke: A large-aged saint, finally married, and excited when the room was out of control!

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When the wife said that she had to share the housework, she asked me: Which one do you choose for washing dishes and mopping the floor? I said to wash the dishes. After washing the bowl, my wife asked: Which one do you choose to wash your child and mop? I said to mopping the floor. The wife who has been dragged to the ground asks: Which one do you choose to wash clothes and wash children? I said to wash the children. After washing the child wife and asking me: Washing clothes with children to sleep, which one do you choose? I said to wash clothes. After washing the clothes, I saw my wife and children falling asleep. I suddenly felt that something was wrong...

My mom didn’t cook very often, even if it was done once in a while, it’s a dark dish. Today she is in a good mood. I made a plate of green pepper fried tomatoes, I took a bite, that taste... I almost nausea, my mother immediately squinted at me and said, "Oh, don't you have an appetite?" My heart swallowed hard and I said with tears: No, the chopsticks are too long, and I poked my throat!

When I finished eating, I went shopping with my mom, and suddenly I stepped forward and said, "Mother, I help." You tie your shoelaces, thank you for your kindness." Finished your body. My mom kicked me on the kick: "Go away, first, I wear leather shoes, no shoelaces. Second, this is what I saw first." After the ten dollars that were stepped on, I put it in. In your own pocket.

I met my son’s primary school teacher today. He told me that your son is very powerful and will definitely do something in the future. I do not quite understand. The class teacher explained that today, I asked him to use "if" to make a sentence. He replied: If I have a pair of invisible wings, I will fly to the office and steal the final exam answer and sell it to my classmates...

Remember to have nothing to do in the dormitory at night! It’s too late to play with your phone! Suddenly a buddy screamed: I rubbed, I was not a biological one! Everyone was scared by him! Ask for it! This stocked a cigarette, took a deep breath, said trembling: I just entered the mother's space, look at my mother's photo album, need a password, the password is, my son is called, I lost my name, prompt password error! I feel that my world has started to snow!

I went to the cafe for coffee. Me: "The waiter, give me a cup of black coffee." I will soon give me a cup of coffee. I just want to drink and I saw a cockroach inside. I am very angry: "Attendant!" Waiter: "Mr., what else do you need?" I: "How is this coffee less? Give me a change!" Waiter: "How can it be less?" I: " It is stealing my coffee." Waiter: "Who is stealing your coffee?" I pointed at it: "You see it!" The waiter saw a cockroach in the cup, she was like me. : "Sorry sir, my brother Xiaoqiang is practicing swimming, I will give you a change."

Go to dinner next to a man and a woman blind date, female dress It’s still fashionable and looks good. The woman’s direct question: “Is there a room with a car?” The man said directly: “Three rooms and three rooms in the third ring, BMW Q7, deposits have 7 digits, annual salary 6 The number of digits, the parents retired high." The woman smiled and said: "I am very satisfied." Male: "What is the use of your satisfaction, I am to show off a rich."

We are a big woman I finally married myself. On the wedding day, I was happy. The wine was a little too much. When I was in the house, I was excited and out of control. While playing the groom, the groom probably find it too late appeared, and asked her to wait for so many years! The result was tragedy, and the groom was stunned! Send the hospital to rescue! ! When the groom wakes up, he has been chanting and divorcing! divorce!

In the afternoon, my husband took a box of ice cream back, and groaned in his mouth: quickly put it in the refrigerator, it softened! Let's freeze it in the refrigerator~ When I put the ice cream into the refrigerator with my hands, I suddenly thought of something, and then said to my husband: Otherwise, you will go in for a while?

A few days ago, I took the train home and smoked cigarettes at the entrance. Then a beautiful girl came to pick up the water! Seeing that I was standing next to me, the sister asked me if the water was open? In a passionate attitude, I casually said: I will know by hand! As a result, the sister was hot and crying!