Funny GIF: The gap between the photo and the photo is not a big one. Should I be happy?

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Funny GIF: The gap between the photo and the photo is not a big one. Should I be happy?

2018-11-09 00:25:31 80 ℃

Sister, your hand has been there, it is not convinced!

A group of big men are bullying a sister like this, playing a bit too much!

The difference between the photo and myself is not a big one. Should I be happy?

Do not let the sisters kiss, it can only use violence!

Sleeping and dead pigs, the most sleepable thing at home is yo!

You are what you are doing!

It’s like this, the students are very calm!

Is this very cool and cool!

We are all hungry, let us eat!

Girl, is this the arrow?

has broken into the enemy!

Funny paragraph:

1, do this

A daughter's house Have a stupid reputation. The father-in-law pointed to Yang Shumiao in front of the door and asked him: "What is the use of this thing?" The son-in-law replied: "After the tree grows up, it is OK to do the wheel." The father-in-law said happily: "Everyone else said that my son-in-law Staying, in fact, all talking about playing." When I arrived at the kitchen, the son-in-law saw the pot for the sauce, and said: "If the pot is big, you can do it with stone."

At this time The mother-in-law put a fart, and the son-in-law said, "If the fart is big, you can do it."

2, Hotel

A restaurant has always been known for its stingy, and a customer has arrived in a day.

I asked for a soup. After a while, the waiter sent a plate and then took care of other customers. After waiting for a long time, the waiter still came back. Not only was he angry, he told the boss to say: "Do you ask me to eat this wet plate?!"

The boss smiled and said: "Sir, that is your soup!"

3, 僭

A father and son servant, specializing in big words, often calling for the name of the court. One day, the friend came to see him, his father went out, and met his eldest son, he said: "The father is driving out." Asked about the court, the second son said: "The maiden is drinking in the back garden." And go. When he meets his father, he tells his son. Father: "Who said it?" Servant

After the cloud: "This is what the Prince and the nephew said." The friend became more annoyed and twisted the servant. His father was busy admonishing: "Qing Jia Fu is annoyed, see the face of the widow."