Funny GIF: How do you get into the team with your buddies, can you live out?

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Funny GIF: How do you get into the team with your buddies, can you live out?

2018-11-09 00:25:31 58 ℃

How did you get into the team? Can you live out?

Why do you wear glasses like this?

When I go to school, my teacher often praises me for being more powerful. You may not be able to imagine it

This is the most domineering convertible I have ever seen, no one

There is not much to say, I believe that this young lady must feel very painful?

It’s hurting, girl can be careful next time!

Selected Connotations

1. The boss’s father-in-law, On our construction site, we cover the sky with one hand, do whatever we want, always love the bones in the egg, engage in the grievances, and dare to anger, go to the boss to complain, the boss always draws all kinds of cakes to comfort us~~ Days, he came to trouble for no reason, we collectively pick and choose, do not do it, find the boss to pay, the boss bites his teeth, rushing to us, you want a way, get him away, I will raise your salary...

2. Yesterday, Dad took a dozen miles to come to the company to pick me up. I am distressed and said: "Dad, I can go home by car, I don't have to make a special trip to pick me up." Dad said kindly: "In the eyes of Dad, you will always be a little girl, Dad should protect you!" For a moment, I felt warm in my heart... At the door of my house, Dad trembled and grabbed my hand and said, "Child, now is the time for you to repay, be sure to protect your father!" I saw my murderous face, and I immediately understood that Dad must have offended the mother again.

3. Early in the morning, Xiaozizi ran over and said to me: "I wish my uncle find a girlfriend out of the list as soon as possible in the new year." After listening, my heart is warm, and I usually have no white pain. Take out 50 pieces for reward. I saw that after I received the money, I said happily: "Uncle is so good, I am leaving first. Today I have a girlfriend shopping." Looking at the back of his far away, leaving me alone in the wind. . .

4. Before we had a pair of twins, the family was not good, it was only for one child to study, so they came one day, and it sounded like a perfect plan, but the second semester was Found it! Knowing it as a god horse!...Because the two brothers scored a good one, the teacher found that his student's IQ was particularly unstable, and he made a home visit... So he was discovered...

5. A wandering Golden Retriever dog came from the compound. The children were fed for a few days. The dog pole was posted on the telephone pole 200 meters away from the unit. The call was really true. The owner Come to the collar to please it, ask the owner why Jin Mao does not know the road? Answer: Golden Retriever is too fat, and the family said that if they don't lose weight, they will go away. If you run away from home, you have to pick up the owner and have a golden hair.