25 cartoons that destroyed childhood, can you be serious?

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25 cartoons that destroyed childhood, can you be serious?

2018-11-10 00:25:40 108 ℃

Big Brother! do not! If you have something to say,

I can’t put this turtle down.

The original wolf

is really just " Little Red Riding Hood" has a obsession

Black Cat Sergeant and Jerry Exchange Hostage

Cao Chong: What do I want to call? ? ?

Dumbo: Tell you? When I am stupid.

Schuberta, Mickey, and Jerry are so aggressive:

"What did I do wrong..."

But the big villain in the black cat sheriff "one ear"

It should be caught.

A Dream is a meal delivery brother

It seems to be very convenient

When the fat tiger is on the good voice in China

I want you......to stop

You listen to me,

The northerners see the word dumpling,

the eyes will shine.

This seems to be a problem?

Gui Xianren,

Would you like to go with Jackie Chan? A little,

Saying goodbye to hair loss is not a dream.

He also spoofed Journey to the West,

created Modern version of the Journey to the West.

In modern times,

the gold hoop has become a selfie stick.

Three-headed and six-armed troubles,

I promise to eat ,

It’s not enough to use only one arm.

Western troubles,

God sent it to me.

I want to have a

to fan away the smog Plantain fan

He also created a movie series,


suddenly became cute.

l Wolf uncle comes with his own knives,

After security check, it is also very wronged.

When the world doesn't need Spider-Man,

I went out to fight fishing.

When Saint Seiya meets Iron Man,

Guess who will win.

The master of the scissors,

can repair me Repairing scissors?

Black Warrior: I feel insulted...

< p>

Onlookers: Can you not show love in public?

Four fires will be fired,

The technology of cupping is growing skilled.

Siwawuwa has taken advantage of its expertise,

Engaged in a gourd bathhouse,

The customer came to say it.

The biggest hobby of Liuwa,

is to use stealth Look at the movie,

(too much).

Seven baby has a hoist,

Fog is not a dream.

The snake has actually started the anchor.

I really want to have a time machine to go back to my childhood,

I am already an adult. ,

But it’s fine,

Happiness has an unfinished childlike heart,

After all, I am 18 years old.