Funny paragraph: a couple of small couples quarreling downstairs, the woman said, let me laugh all day

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Funny paragraph: a couple of small couples quarreling downstairs, the woman said, let me laugh all day

2018-11-28 10:25:24 205 ℃

Jia Jia said Duanzi 1. One day, the father and son were at home, and the 8-year-old son suddenly asked Dad: "Dad, Dad, why do men go to their wives?" Dad thought for a moment and said, "I want to clean my wife. Cooking... mainly for you." The son looked at Dad, and nodded.

Jia Jia said Duanzi 2. Remember that when he was very young, his brother would swim and I wouldn’t. Dad took me to the river to swim, and stood in the swimming ring and stood by the river. I didn’t dare to start. My parents said that I didn’t dare to go down for a long time. As a result, Dad put me in the river like a chicken. I tried to swim for five or six meters, and my feet didn't know what was hooked up (when I was a child, there was a ghost in the water) and shouted there: "Help, help." Mom was scared by my cry. Asking Dad to pull me up, Dad calmly said: "Don't be afraid, it's okay." I cried in tears, and finally my dad pulled me up, and pulled me up the hooked things. Look, say: "The courage is really small, the net is afraid." I. . . .

Jiajia said Duanzi 3. The wife is a little bit painful, and her husband is spoiled: "Husband." Husband: "What is it." Wife: "I seem to have a cold, my head hurts." Husband: "Nothing. Drink some hot water." Wife: "But my stomach is a little uncomfortable." Husband: "It's good to drink some hot water." The wife was a little unhappy, saying: "Husband, let's break up." Husband: "Why? I will be sad. "Wife:" Just drink some hot water. "Husband. . . .

Jia Jia said Duanzi 4. After dinner, they returned to their rooms after a meal. After a while, they were old. Mom came knocking at the door and said, "Women, do you know how you can give yourself a red envelope?" I smiled and said, "You are so funny." Mom said sadly: "Today is my birthday, I want to send myself a red envelope and make myself happy." As soon as I heard it, I immediately picked up my mobile phone and sent two hundred red envelopes to my mom. My mom was happy to go. After a few minutes, I went to pour water. When I saw my mom went to the younger brother's room, he said to his younger brother: Xiaodong, do you know how you can make yourself a red envelope? "I..."

Jia Jia said Duanzi 5. A few days ago, I attended the University Alumni Association. The boy who chased me at the university today drove Maserati with his wife. His wife is a young girl in the first grade. I regret it in my heart.

I didn’t expect to have a dream today. In the dream, the boy returned to the university age. The boy put a heart-shaped candle in the dormitory downstairs, holding flowers and telling me. I promised his confession. After a few years later, I joined the classmates, and the school girl drove Maserati alone.

Jia Jia said that the wife is a confused egg, one day asked her husband: "hus, you How can we know how we know it? "Husband: "You are so confused, this kind of thing can be forgotten. Do you remember when you were hit by a car, there was a good guy carrying you all the way. . . "Wife:" I remembered it, it was you. . "Husband: "Yes, it is me, that is, I knocked you down."

Jia Jia said that the paragraph 7. Now it is already one o'clock in the morning, a couple of young couples who are going downstairs are still quarreling. They have been quarreling from 10 o'clock in the evening until now, and the quarrel is getting louder and louder. The noisy neighbors are not peaceful, they all come out to watch the fun, just listen to the woman crying and shouting: "I am so alive to live, give me a jump rope, let me hang up." 呜~~~” After a while, I only heard the sound of '啪', a bundle of hemp rope fell on their balcony, and it was quiet...