Connotation: I don’t know which bastard, I drink more and put me on the train.

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Connotation: I don’t know which bastard, I drink more and put me on the train.

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Miss sister is not going to jump, my blood pressure seems to be getting higher and higher

The company has a woman The man, the boys are all ashamed!

Children’s memories. Pay tribute to 80. . .

1. Today, my husband doesn’t know which rib is wrong. When I get to work, I say "wife, love." I will say it out loud!" I yelled at him very loudly!" Her husband changed his face instantly~

2. The most drink was eight years ago, and the drunk was strange and desolate. Woke up and found that on a small bed, the bed was weird and especially high. There is someone chatting under the bed. The accent is more eccentric, and I can't understand one sentence. There is a window by the bed, and there is a wilderness outside the window. No one can be seen. Asked about the chat under the bed, is that? The man said Yibin in a lame Mandarin. I completely collapsed. I don’t know which bastard told me to drink more and put me on the train.

3. I went to meet on the first day, and the car was blasted on the road. The other party could not wait because of work. About the next morning, the second day on the road, the front tire was blown again, because For various reasons, about the third day, the result of the third day, Qi Qide actually saw the front and rear tires of the car burst, and the woman is no longer in contact with it! How bad is this for me?

4. High school students asked us to have a good time to go to his house. I gathered him at the station to pick us up. I just got off at the station and saw a group of classmates who had arrived, carrying milk and wine in their hands, and I didn’t buy them. Suddenly, I flashed a flash of light and turned to chase the bus and shouted: "Master stopped! My things are forgotten!" When I was proud of my wit, I saw that the car stopped and stopped.

5. Going out to school in the morning, they didn't wake up, I locked the door and went to school (the habit of locking the door). As a result, when I got home at noon, they just trained me. I looked at me. I only knew when I asked, they didn't know that I went to school, thinking that I was still asleep, and I couldn't knock it out. They thought I was dead! I thought I was suffocating in the house! On the second floor of my house, my dad went to the room in the living room window... Normal parents shouldn’t think that the child is going to school.........Why would I think that I am dead...