Know why you are single for so long? I saw the answer, I cried...

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Know why you are single for so long? I saw the answer, I cried...

2018-12-01 00:25:01 107 ℃

Kids, good evening

Cold brothers brushed a picture in the afternoon

I said that I am right.

The crowds have said that there is nothing wrong with them.

"I am a master of theory

not a master of practice"

It’s not me Said that the refrigerator is not easy to use

I still have to repair the refrigerator?

The authorities are fascinated

bystanders clear

But whoever asks me

The answer is the same

"Do you want to keep the New Year?"

In fact, you can't blame single dogs for persuasion

Because you are not single

Do not know singles The world of dogs

How wonderful!

Single dog What are you doing?

Besides giving people an emotional tutor

The life of a single dog

What are you doing?

Getting out of the first sentence every day

I want to wash my hair today

Start thinking after getting up

The three most important questions in life

What to eat in the morning

What to eat at noon

What to eat at night

When girls aim at their legs

Sighs with a good leg

and then sucks the milk tea to suppress it

Sometimes I doubt it is

Because it looks ugly

When someone talks

"Go away, you are so annoying..." /p>

Occasionally, the feeling of falling in love

But the love beans are a blog

I will soon forget the nine clouds.


But more often

is fast

"Double Eleven Express

Is it intended to send two pairs together!"

< /p>

cr: @霸道大锤 falls in love with me

It’s not eating delicious every day

It’s on the way to eating delicious

After eating, I would like to sigh.

"Today's white reduction"

The dogs read these

Do you feel that there are several arrows in your knees

This is too real

Why choose singles

Although everyone knows

< p> There are still many dogs who don't understand

Why are so many people single?

Cold brother I have summed it up for you

There are several reasons for this

Poverty makes people calm

More than 10 bucks

Do not call TA

Where to fall in love

Why talk? Love

Is it not good to drink

Or the phone is not fun?

< p>Which love and food can't live up to

It's weight and food

Non't live up

Every day is

A sleepy sleepy sleepy bed

Asleep, sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep, apposition

Who Have time to see

the eyes of the opposite sex?

Others are called

"Little brother and little brother"

The girls will only be

"Dry, little brother!"

There was a person Say

You must be pretty slim down

The result is that he didn't wait until that day...

It’s too hard to get up

Is going out to date?

Also wash and sleep

The most important reason

I am ugly

I still think others are ugly

So it is not Possible

This life is impossible

Cold brother quietly asks a question

How long have you been single?