18 photos that were suspected by many netizens, but they are all true.

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18 photos that were suspected by many netizens, but they are all true.

2018-12-02 10:25:06 165 ℃

1, the eye of Sauron

This is a very Interesting snap shots look like the eyes of Sauron in The Lord of the Rings. Many people think that it is difficult to capture the forbidden part of the eye when the cat shakes his head, but this is indeed a picture recorded by the camera.

2, Qingcao 1

This photo was posted on a well-known forum overseas. The publisher's label is, "I saw the grass near my office, it formed the perfect unit." Although incredible, nature's tenacity and creativity can indeed bring miracles.

3, looming cabinets

Because of the light, it seems that the locker is about to disappear . When this photo was published overseas, many netizens questioned its authenticity, and others called it a bug in the Sims game.

4, autumn footprint

The seasons of the trees in this photo show the gradient Sexual transitions do not seem to be true. Some people think that this is a PS work. Some people think that this is artificially destroying and changing the color of trees.

5, colorful light

The effect of light refracted through a glass vase. In fact, this is easy to reproduce in life, so it is not very strange. Only the effect in this photo is so beautiful that some people doubt its authenticity.

6, cup tea level: 101%

It seems that the liquid in the cup exceeds the cup The capacity that can be carried. Skeptics think this is the effect of PS, or the things in the cup are not liquid, or they are a whole. But in fact, if you consider the concentration and density of the liquid, you may not doubt it anymore.

7, Toronto National TV Tower Aerial View

CN Tower is the tallest standing structure in Toronto The picture shows the effect of the aerial overshoot. It looks incredible. You may have doubts about the surrounding light, but you need to know that the night city is brightly lit and the clouds are filtered, so it brings such illusion. The color is no longer so strange.

8, perfect shape of the waves

The waves in this photo look like It is a crystal, like an object created by man. Therefore, many people think that it is the result of PS. But in fact, this is a real photo shoot.

9, red and green leaves on both sides of the street

This photo was taken in Vancouver, Canada. A street, it looks even more incredible than the fourth picture. So it's not hard to understand why so many people don't believe this is a real photo. But in fact, this is because the two rows of trees are different species! Different kinds of trees will change color at different speeds.

10, golf balls in trees

There are many golf balls appearing in this photo. People did not produce too much suspicion. They all believe this is because it was put into the tree when it has not grown so big, and the only one that is doubtful is the dark texture that looks like a hand. Many people think this is PS. The result.

11, color style trees

This photo looks like a painting same. The most incredible thing is that its colors seem to be separated from the middle. It seems unlikely that it will appear in the real world. But in fact, this is indeed the scene that has appeared in the real world. It is the effect of the water being completely dried up during the dry season.

12, spectacular clouds

The strong cold air in West Texas When the scene appears.

13, invisible person

This photo has no mysticism and no PS effect. It is nothing more than an artistic installation brought by a mirror.

14, the pattern on the shell looks like a mountain

This looks like a Engraving works of art, or the effect of PS. But perhaps you should believe in the creativity of nature.

15, "empty" eyes

The picture in the girl's sunglasses, in fact It is the picture of the tunnel.

16, "UFO"

This cloud looks like an unidentified flight Things, although they look a lot like PS masterpieces, but this is true, it is something called a lens cloud.

17, leaf imprint on the windshield

18, two worlds outside the window

The window seems to divide the sunset into two parts. It looks amazing, but it actually reveals two pictures in the sky through the window, thus deceiving our eyes.

Have you seen these photos and have been deceived by them?

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