Funny paragraph: found pregnant, call her husband, the result was accidentally called to ex-boyfriend

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Funny paragraph: found pregnant, call her husband, the result was accidentally called to ex-boyfriend

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1. Dad walked and squatted and said: "Son, let my dad press the waist, it hurts very painfully." The son put down his mobile phone and said, "Dad, I am ready to press, and you are told to tell me." "My son pressed a few times, Dad: "You didn't eat, press it a little." The son added a little strength: "Do you do this?" Dad: "Heavier." The son increased his strength, only Listening to the '蹦', Dad’s waist was pressed, and Dad shouted: “Ah~~~” Mom said, “What are you doing?” Dad said painfully: “Wife, my waist Sprained, can't accompany you to buy a bag." Son was shocked: "What? Dad, you are not touching porcelain, you let me press." Dad was crying painfully, his mother was furious: I don't care, your dad twisted, son, you accompany me." Son: "I don't go." Mom took the son and went out. son. . . .

2. My sister went back to the blind date at night, a little unhappy, my mom cared up and asked: "Sister What's wrong, the boy can't you see?" Sister: "Yeah, that man is too ugly." Mom: "It’s almost as long as it’s got, it’s so picky.” Sister: "Follow him. I can't eat any meal.” Mom: “How ugly it is.” My sister looked at the sofa and said, “It’s ugly than my brother.” The mother said, “It’s really ugly. , or not."

3. My sister is a little short, about one meter five five Left and right, always being disliked by her own mom. One day I was hit by my mom again. I was a little unhappy. At this time, my brother said, "Sister, girls don't need to be too tall. Too high, boys won't like it." I thought: This child is also sensible. It will comfort people. Just want to praise him a few words, the younger brother continued: "If there are two girls who like me, one meter six, one meter seven, I definitely choose one meter seven." I clenched my fist, can not see the general knowledge of children . . .

4. I went to the hospital with my girlfriend to check out the pregnancy. I was happy to call my husband. When I switched on, I realized that I was mistakenly wrong and called my ex-boyfriend. When I was When I finished speaking, the ex-boyfriend said excitedly: I will be responsible, my dad promised to transfer the villa to my name, we will be happy.

This. . . Should I re-elect? .

5. Recently bought a new battery car, the kind of special cattle, press the button will say : I am here, I am here. I went to the supermarket to buy things in the afternoon. When I came out, I stopped a lot of cars outside. There were a lot of people. When I wanted to play handsome, I shouted: "Where are you." Then I sneaked a button in my pocket and listened to the battery car only. Dao: I am here, I am here. In the eyes of everyone shocked, I left by bicycle. . .

6. Yesterday, my grandmother came to see me from my hometown and brought me a hen, indicating that I had eaten the stew for me. I prepared to start the next morning and found that the hen had an egg. My mom said: I will raise the eggs first, so that I can eat eggs every day. I nodded in agreement, my mom said to me: You see, if you want to have a good time, you have to give gifts, you know?

7. A new tea shop was opened opposite the company, every two or three o'clock in the afternoon. A colleague said in the group: "I want to buy milk tea. Do you want anyone, I will help you with it." Then many people in the group said that after a while, the colleague took a box of milk tea and collected the money. After a month, a female colleague went through the tea shop to buy it at night and found that the tea shop was opened by that colleague.