This is the correct usage of the winter boyfriend, hurry to find the object after reading!

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This is the correct usage of the winter boyfriend, hurry to find the object after reading!

2018-12-06 00:25:01 179 ℃

Hello dogs are good at night

Leng brother received a message last night


As a single dog >

It’s really a 10,000-point crit

Forget it, share it with you today.

About the sweet story of winter love

You can feel the sweetness of this dog food...

Winter is really good < /p>

It seems that all memories of winter are hot

< p>▼

To the person you like

I am very happy every day

The people around you are sweetheart

to eat hot pot together It is the warmest thing in this season

No matter how cold outside

People in love are warm all over the body

< /section>

Holding and Hugging Against the Cold

One Warmer Thing

< p>


Cold brother with tears summed up

How to use your boyfriend for the winter

Not ready to get it

Winter Frozen Hands

You need a giant Hot water bottle

In this cold winter

Are you still worried about cold hands and feet?

Understanding your taste machine

Do not leave home Good to reach out


In the cold winter

Who don’t want one


All aspects of your taste machine

cr: @ penny is already a fat man

< /section>

Cr: @余泉的小朋友

This kind of boyfriend

Do you want to play a dozen?

Breeze of the north wind

Find a Boyfriend to wind up

Walk in the cold wind

You need a windshield wall

This 360 degree protection

or like this

< /section>

and like this

Remember that the male ticket is more than your specification

Big one size

Otherwise you will most likely become

......this way

Want to have a quiet Spring Festival

The object is the best shield

Don't you forget the annual Spring Festival

Family's fancy marriage method?

Look at what you usually do

behind by your parents (routine) Objects

The longest way to go

Your mom is reminding you of the routine of finding an object >

This also makes people not live

< p>Cold brother warm reminder

To resist the cold and smooth winter,

Recommended female compatriots

As early as possible Reserve a boyfriend or husband

To prevent the product from being out of stock during the hot sale

If you can't find it, don't be afraid

Single little cute, please hold me

< p>Cold brother is willing to spend a warm winter with you

Safety for the winter

Let's keep up the coming spring!