What kind of experience is it to introduce my wife’s girlfriend to my brother? Speaking is tears

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What kind of experience is it to introduce my wife’s girlfriend to my brother? Speaking is tears

2018-12-06 10:25:02 100 ℃

1, a man surnamed Yi, gave birth to a daughter, the whole family discussed Taking the name of the cockroach, the name was not found, and a high-ranking person named "Isan Jing" was called. The couple were very satisfied and immediately took the daughter's account. These days, he is looking for the tall man with a knife in the street...

2, when I was too curious, I didn’t see the waterfall, I asked my dad to take me to see the waterfall. What? My dad first hesitated, then took me to the bottom of the stairs and said: You should wait for me for a while. He turned and walked over the top of the stairs, poured a large bucket of water down and said: This is almost the case.

3, going out shopping is catching heavy rain, and when I came back, I was soaked. The little nephew saw the makeup on my face that was raining, and said very seriously to her: Xiao Yan, your face was painted! Hey...

4, the instant noodles on TV look so delicious? Dad thought for a long time and didn't know how to answer it. After a while, the son asked again: "Why are the uncles and aunts on TV not going to work?" Dad quickly replied: "The instant noodles are so delicious, who is still at work."

5, don't introduce your wife's girlfriend to your brother, because he knows all your secrets, And these secrets will eventually reach your wife's ears, don't ask me how I know... Brother's leg hurts.

6. When I went home today, I checked the drunk driving on the road and arranged a long queue. When I found out, an uncle came over with alcohol and said to the police: "Give me a test and give me a test." The result was blown, and it was more than two hundred. I admire it in my heart, actually knowing that I am drinking and taking the initiative to blow, this is how high the consciousness is. Then the police uncle asked him where the car is, to drag back to the brigade. Uncle: "The car parked at home, I will come over and try this thing so that it doesn't." .

7, mom, menopause, seeing you are not pleasing to the eye! Seeing my nest on the sofa to play mobile phones, crossbrows I’ve been talking for a long time, I didn’t dare to sigh, I didn’t say that my mom was wearing a jacket and was going to buy food. When I went out, I sneezed two sneezes and looked back at my ears: mouth I am not angry, I am not satisfied with it? I:......

8, I like someone! I meet him every day! Going tall, clean, handsome! I like to wear T-shirts and canvas shoes. I will run with my headphones in the morning! Such a great boy! I want to confess! But I am so scared! So I want to ask everyone, will I drink soy milk or milk tomorrow morning?

9, my wife produced a few days ago, today the doctor let the hospital out, then I will pack things up, we just came out of the ward, the nurse caught up and asked, you still have I forgot what I brought! I checked it all over, I took it all, and asked my wife what else you didn't take, my wife said, no. The nurse said, child? I went, child. When I grow up, I can't let him know about it.

10 In general, I am a gentle and tolerant person, but it does not mean that I have no bottom line. I just quarreled with my wife. She actually beat me three. Slap in the face, I was worried at the time: "You TM only hit one side?" ”